Men in Black: International

If you haven’t really watched the previous MIB offerings, then this film is a good place to start. We’re familiar with the premise of the series. ‘Men in Black’ is a covert organisation, tasked with policing and regulating alien life on earth. They have periodical encounters with rogue extra-terrestrials. Black suits, cool gadgets, super cool fighting, you get the gist.

MIB: International revolves around a newcomer to the titular secret force - Molly, aka Agent M (Tessa Thompson). As flashbacks show, in childhood, Molly was exposed to the work of the agency and managed to avoid having her memory of the event erased with a so-called ‘Neuralyzer’ according to the MIB's usual MO. Thus begins a 20-year quest to join the team, meaning that, once she proves her potential to bigwig Agent O (Emma Thompson), M makes an avid rookie. For her first assignment she ends up being teamed up with the experienced and respected Agent H (Chris Hemsworth).

What’s great about this movie is the strong character traits that are subtle enough for you to miss, if you get too caught up in the amazing CGI effects. This time MIB takes the fighting inside, on discovering that there might just be a mole within the organisation. Chris Hemsworth as Agent ‘H’ plays a stylish and comical know-it-all, who eventually is brought to the realisation that the world does not after all, revolve around him. Agent ‘M’ is the new girl, out to prove herself. The complications of the plot bring you to the realisation that the bad guy isn’t always the person who appears to be one. First impressions can be very deceptive. You need to hear everyone out; you need to hear all sides of the story.

‘Men In Black: International’ is a great movie, a great entertainer, though the best MIB offering is probably yet to come. If your Sunday afternoon is looking a little bleak, you could just pencil this into your social calendar for some light entertainment.

Jessica Alphonso