The Marian Option

‘The Marian Option: God’s Solution to a Civilization in Crisis’ by Carrie Gress, PhD

Tan Books (Charlotte, North Carolina) – 2017 - 214 pages – MRP: ₹ 2,097/- ISBN: 978-1-5051-0910-8 - Available for sale on Amazon, Tan Books and at the Pauline Bookstore

It’s official, we are in a mess! Our civilization is in turmoil and we need to save ourselves from our crisis. Terrorism, fascism, dictatorships, natural calamities due to our own negligence, the suffocation of the press, the polarization of communities, the return of deadly diseases, the disappearance of nature’s heritage to us, mass genocide – you name it and we have it; but what now? Well, Carrie Gress and many other believers down the ages feel, that we must do two things:

1) Take an initiative to make a change before it is too late and

2) Seek the Marian Option towards life.

What is the Marian Option? According to accomplished writer and Catholic scholar Carrie Gress, in times of trouble, the Lord has asked us to turn to Mother Mary to intercede for us in our troublesome situations. In this book ‘The Marian Option’, you will learn not only how Mary has always come to the rescue of civilization down the ages, but also the fact that she will do so even now, if only we start devoting ourselves to the Marian Way of life from now on.

This book is a gem of resources about the messages given to us by Mother Mary herself and the followers of her way, past and present, which inform us about the immensity of the crisis in civilization that is taking place now. Carrie Gress through extensive research has shown us in her awe-inspiring little book how Mother Mary has played a big role in many a geopolitical shift, stomping heresies, linking devotion and culture through the arts, mass conversions, etc. She will now intercede for Her Earthly children, if only we take recourse to her by practicing her way which has been neatly listed in this book.

Themes explored in this marvellous book are – The Benedictine Option of old, the many apparitions of Mother Mary, Mother Mary’s influence on Popes and Saints, a short biography of the rosary, the Age of Mary and much more.

What fascinated me most in this book is how events in Islamic, Roman, Aztec and Native American history have directly had an uncanny link with Mother Mary’s many apparitions including that of Fatima, Lourdes, Guadeloupe, Kazan, etc. For example, did you know that the very place at Lourdes where Mother Mary appeared to St. Bernadette was previously the very place where a very brave Islamic commander called Mirat was converted to Catholicism much before the apparition? If you are shocked by that, then you will be bowled over by the many Islamic and other civilizations connections with the apparitions of Mother Mary.

Other topics of focus are the way we can reconcile humanity to God through the intercession of Mother Mary, a study of the three messages of Fatima, the link between the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary, and the many ways we can lead a Marian life. I was very fascinated by the list of ways which are mentioned in this book about how we can lead a Marian lifestyle. Some of them are having a Mother Mary garden, wearing the Miraculous Scapular or Miraculous Medal, reciting the rosary when free of other duties, baking special sweets for Marian feasts, going to mass as often as possible, being always aware of the presence of Mother Mary with you and in you, visiting a Marian shrine if you can, etc.

I really was bowled over by this book and I’m sure you will be too. If you are interested in a good, quick and yet forceful impact of the Mother of God in our lives, go purchase this book. If you are still wondering how Mother Mary has a hand in the workings of Earth and Heaven and the cosmos along with her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ then read this book. If you want to know more about Mother Mary and how you can be closer to her in mind and spirit, then this is the book for you.

After reading this book, you will realize one important fact, that Mother Mary can prepare us for anything, through the proximity she has with our Lord Jesus. So even if we do find ourselves one day in a tight spot inspite of all our good and noble actions to make sure that a just, secular, free and democratic society prevail for global harmony – know that Mother Mary can help us even then, Mary our mother can prepare us for anything. She doesn’t need an AK-47; a rosary is more powerful for her, since it is so simple to her it is the best weapon against all evil. Its simplicity confounds the wisest.

Fiza Pathan is an accomplished author of twelve award-winning books and has won a number of international awards. She lives with her maternal family in Bandra and blogs on She reviews and researches books for The Examiner.