The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

By Gary Chapman

Manjul Publishing House (Bhopal, India) - 2001- 204 pages- MRP: ₹271/-

ISBN-13: 978-8186775097- Available for Sale on Amazon and Flipkart

In today’s age, when we have begun to define love according to our own set of beliefs, we so often fall short in our own relationships. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman serves as a useful guide to understand not just romantic relationships but also every other relationship that we form in our lives.

A dear friend recommended it to me and I have found myself not just quoting lines from the book, but also living it out in my daily life. Not to mention, recommending it to other people.

As humans, our innate desire is to love and be loved. However, when we’re in relationships, we try to give our best to our partner only to realise that nothing seems to work. We’re left scratching our heads at the end of it all.

As each one of us are unique individuals, Gary Chapman discovers that each of our hearts communicate best in one or more than one of these five love languages: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion) and physical touch.

Although love is our primary language, it is expressed using these five languages in varied proportions. Leafing through the book, you will begin to understand what is most important to you and why you behave and act in a certain way. You gain an insight on the specific characteristics of your spouse/ partner during the course of your reading.

It was an enlightening moment for me when I gained an understanding of how we love people according to the way we wish to be loved and how that aspect of love could be the cause of discontent in relationships. We need to be aware of the love language that our loved ones speak and love them in that way. This brings harmony in relationships.

This book does not provide guidelines to improve romantic relationships alone. I’ve been using it in all my relationships which include my family, friends, and people in the community as well as at my workplace. We all desire to be loved, but it is very important to know how we wish to be loved and thereafter effectively communicate this to the people we love.

Gary Chapman’s book helps you navigate through the questions and challenges that are commonly associated with building relationships. It further expands your own understanding of yourself so as to form meaningful relationships with others and also become better human beings.

Pearl Mathias