Put More Time On Your Side

BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS / ISBN 978-81-7108-908-6/ pp 237 / INR 280

Put more Time on your side

How to Manage your Life in a Digital World

By Dr Jan Yager

BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS / ISBN 978-81-7108-908-6/ pp 237 / INR 280

Time, it is said, is of the essence. Time wasted is time lost, never to be regained! Each year it seems that increasingly more is expected of us in lesser and lesser time and that too with a decreasing number of resources at our disposal. Are you one of those who experience such time-related worry? Look no further – help is at hand in the form of a delightfully readable book named Put more Time on your side: How to manage your life in a Digital World.

Incidentally, time management has never been a piece of cake. That is the lacuna this book ably fills. It does so by lucidly demonstrating how to deal with distractions and fragmentation; cope with time wasters like over-scheduling, inadequate pacing, poor planning, procrastination, or perfectionism; and master office relationships and politics to save time. Yager, herself a mother of two and grandmother of two, with the authorship of several time related books under her belt, adds a familial touch to the contents of this book through her chapter on the three time management lessons she claims to have learned from her own father (pp 171-178). These include getting out of the mundanity of one's daily routine and spending time together, vacationing; just putting everything on hold so as to be there for those one cares about; and, finally, achieving one's dreams and thus becoming role models for others.

Salubriously, Put more Time on your side… propounds several tried and tested theories in relation to effective time management. One of these is the P.I.E. theory – a 'pie', yes, but not one in the sky! Essentially, we tend to do things that are a real priority for us. And so, chapter 9 (pp 149-158) emphasizes the need to prioritize our tasks, promptly initiate the execution of a task rather than procrastinating, and evaluate our priorities and goals vis-à-vis the time spent on fulfilling the same so as to be able to strike a balance between our efforts at reaching our targets and leading a truly happy and successful life.

Undeniably, the topic under discussion is such that one would need to maintain some sort of a checklist to ensure the credibility of one's own efforts at putting more time on one's side and thus managing life in the digital world truly effectively. To make such an exercise easy Put more Time on your side… concludes precisely with a 'daily log' and an 'action/strategy worksheet' that encourages the reader to get serious about enjoying the benefits of effective time management.

Ladislaus Louis D'Souza