Light From Many Lamps

Stories With Values To Live By

By Clare Ukken fsp

PAULINE PUBLICATIONS/ISBN 978-81-7176-961-2 /pp 187 / INR 145

From time immemorial, a story has been known to be one of the finest mediums used to illustrate a point, bring out the importance of a moral, and educate, inspire, uplift and enthuse! Indeed, stories do have a universal appeal, delighting anyone no end, irrespective of age considerations. Clare Ukken, a senior nun with the Congregation of the Daughters of Saint Paul, puts her talent for storytelling to much effective use through LIGHT FROM MANY LAMPS. But what are those many lamps, one might ask? Those lamps per se could be us—each one of whom is called to be the light of the world [cf Mt 5:14]. Those lamps could be the stories narrated in this book, giving out a glow that leads the reader to greener pastures of peace and contentment, so to say.

Frankly, what need does a book of this sort fulfil? In a world where the line between the moral and the immoral, between virtue and the lack of it grows thinner to diminishing point, the values the contents of this book aim to preserve are highly significant. Of the 70 narratives the book brings you, there isn't a story emanating from the lamp, whose light does not hold out a glimmer of hope or the promise of fulfilment. Presented in alphabetical order, the values covered form a collage of much that makes for an expression of humaneness amidst the inhumanity of human life.

The salient feature of this painstakingly written book is threefold: firstly, the values it helps the reader reflect upon are commonplace, and can, as such be chosen for reading at random, i.e. according to need; secondly, a story can mean many things or simply nothing at all to the reader, depending on the frame of the reader's mind. Thus, to make the story read truly useful to the reader, Sr Clare provides an 'application' possibility, whereby the reader can safely explore the various avenues discussed, and apply the ideas to his/her own life. Lastly, there is a parting shot awaiting the reader in a little box titled "In a Nutshell" at the end of each chapter, making the reading of a chapter a day at the commencement of the day itself an ideal proposition.