13 Stay awake! - Fr Michael Baptist Fernandes

posted Nov 28, 2018, 6:09 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Nov 28, 2018, 6:09 AM ]
The Liturgy of the Advent season every year repeats this great invitation to stay awake! The invitation reminds us that throughout the year, we have to remind ourselves that we are saved children, and we have a great responsibility to be awake, so that the evil one does not rob us of this grace. Many different examples and parables are used by Jesus to drive the point home for us that the time we have is not unlimited; that it will run out when we least expect it to, and that to be found unprepared for that end is tragic. The Lord Jesus urges us with decisiveness to a fundamental attitude of vigilance, because the world outside is hostile, and tempting us to run away from the source of grace. In what context do we show this attitude?

Jesus reminds and invites us that we have a task at hand as His chosen ones to take care of the Creation and every human being. Being aware of the people who are poor is very essential and crucial, as the Holy Father is inviting us to make these unfortunate ones part of our existence. All of us have received life on earth from the same Lord; it is short for the poor and rich, so being concerned about the others, we will be recipients of the eternal Life to come. We are called to stay awake so that we all together can preserve the beauty and wealth of the world, to be shared by all without distinction based on caste or creed, rich or poor. Being aware that we are all made in His image and likeness, He is inviting us to be aware of the miseries and sufferings of the others, to be the sign and instrument for all creatures of God’s mercy and love.