11 An Advent of GRATITUDE - Eddy D'Sa

posted Nov 28, 2018, 6:10 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Nov 28, 2018, 6:10 AM ]
Along with the retrospection, the introspection, the waiting, the watching and preparing, this season before Christmas calls us to make this period of Advent a very special season of gratitude. Gratitude for the year gone by? Definitely. But a different, more intense, Spirit-filled gratitude for the mystery and love beyond human comprehension that we are going to commemorate: God became flesh to give hope to a hopeless world. A gratitude that even the voices of a million angels would not be able to express.

No matter how much some people have, they will always want more. And in some ways, that is true of all of us.

The first point that we need to awaken to is: An attitude of gratitude creates contentment. We suffer from a disease some have called 'Affluenza,' the virus of affluency and prosperity. There are hundreds of examples to which we could point to prove that wealth, prosperity and material things do not satisfy; they only create a desire in us for more. Just take a look at the stars of television and movie fame. How many of them are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs? They have it all, yet there is an emptiness deep down inside of them that they are still trying to fill. So many of them have confessed to be suffering from manic depression. There is a hunger they cannot satisfy, and a thirst they cannot quench. God is saying to us: "Don't wait to be happy. Don't postpone happiness until your situation changes, or you have acquired a certain thing. If you cannot be happy now, you will not be happy then, for happiness is not a matter of what you have, or what situation you are in. It is a matter of who you are, and how you respond to life. It is found within, and unless it is on the inside, all the things in the world on the outside will not make a difference. If you have been saying, "I'll be happy when...", then you will never be happy, because when that condition is met, there will be a dozen more conditions to take its place. If you cannot learn to be happy now, you will never learn to be happy in spite of how much you have or achieve. If you are not content with less, you will never be content with more. There are many who live in a world of 'If only.' If only I had this... If only this were different... If only I could do that... If only this had not happened in my life... The Bible says, "Godliness with contentment is great gain." Notice that it does not say, "Prosperity with contentment is great gain." Contentment comes from seeking God, not things.