07 Editorial - Cozy or Cosmic? - Fr Anthony Charanghat

posted Nov 20, 2018, 7:35 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Nov 22, 2018, 5:01 PM ]
Is the Kingship of Christ Cozy or Cosmic? That is the large and exciting question that challenges us on this last Sunday of the liturgical year as we celebrate the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Universal King. It is the celebration of the climax of this year’s liturgical celebration of grace and also the Alpha, Omega point of the mystery toward which we orient our entire lives and all creation, in this world and beyond. No one and nothing is greater than Christ our King. His kingship cannot be restricted to any cosy comfort zone of our lives. He is the Lord of every cosmic race.

As Vatican II document Church in the Modern world teaches: The Lord is the goal of human history, the focal point of the longings of history and civilisation, the center of the human race, the joy of every heart, and the answer to all its yearnings. But looking at the news in recent times, we wonder how many people understand that? How many really believe that?

How many Christians really believe that? Read the headlines. Scan social media. Check the comments on Facebook or Twitter. Listen to our politicians. The overwhelming sense you get is that many today are not ruled by Christ the King. They are ruled by something else, by fear, by mistrust. Some are even ruled by hate.

The current debate is about refugees. Right now, there is a loud chorus of people who believe we need to wall off the world. Advanced countries turn away refugees specially those who are fleeing violence and terror. Still worse is to only admit people to one's country based on religion and only give shelter to those who are identical to one's culture and social mores.

If we truly affirm Christ is our King this needs to be said: This is not who we are. We are Catholic Christians, who stand for compassion. We stand for mercy. We stand for human dignity. Regardless of race or religion. We stand, in short, for the sacredness of life. This is the time for us to profess our allegiance to Christ and allegiance to fear or exclusion or mistrust or hate. Those cannot rule us. We already have another ruler. The world must know: We are Christians and our King is Christ.

How do we reflect that? First, we believe the truth of what our King taught. We follow his greatest commandment: “Love one another.” Unconditionally, we honour his teaching: “When you welcomed a stranger, you welcomed me.” And we take courage and consolation from four words He repeated again and again—the words that banished all fear and helped turn a small movement of frightened apostles into a worldwide phenomenon that even now is driving out doubt and affirming hope. Those four words are, “Do not be afraid.” We are not afraid for Christ is our King.

We believe that His Kingship has universal, eternal, and cosmic authority because it is the power of redeeming love that consecrates the community in the offering of glory and praise for the salvation of creation in Jesus Christ. God who reveals Himself in Christ as the ‘I AM’ who is not the cosy God but the dynamic, transforming and cosmic God. His mystery shows us a new way of love, that can reach out to traditions other than Christian, enabling them to make contact with His spiritual and real presence abiding in the aspirations of their heart.

On this feast, we not only acclaim that, but also resolve to give witness to it every day with how we live and with how we love. We stand beside the weak and the helpless, the persecuted and forgotten, regardless of race or religion simply because Christ is our King.