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posted Nov 1, 2018, 3:29 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Nov 1, 2018, 3:30 AM ]

Berzosa wants to 'defend the Church from inside'

"You are the loudspeaker of the Synod!" Pope Francis said to her, Maria Luisa Berzosa—the only Spanish religious woman taking part in the Synod of Bishops on Young People—after seeing her on the cover of the Vida Nueva review, together with a youth who was carrying a loudspeaker.

She admits that she does so with many anxieties and desires "in the line that there be more inclusion, that we not be so few women, that the Church be more present as People of God, and not just as hierarchy."

"The desire is united to commitment, in the measure that I can, so here I am, betting on that commitment," she said. "If we women don't have the door very open in the Church, and a chink opens for us, I enter through it. The chink opened for me this time, and here I am," she said openly.

The invitation to take part in the Synod of Bishops—held in the Vatican (Oct. 3-28) and called by the Holy Father to debate the anxieties and problems of young people worldwide—arrived as a surprise to Maria Luisa Berzosa.


Pope emphasises importance of truth in journalism


Pope Francis has sent a message to the Italian news agency SIR (Servizio Informazione Relgiosa/Religious Information Service) in time for the thirtieth anniversary of its publication. The agency was founded in order to help better communicate information relating to both religious and world affairs to the Italian Catholic Church.

In his address, the Pope began by reminding the workers of SIR that "Thirty years is a long time, but it is not the end of the line. Therefore, continue your work with the same novelty with which your founding fathers have thought, and thereby brought about a unique project, an instrument for information to connect the Italian territories with each other and their dioceses." The Pope went on to note that the agency is an instrument of socio-cultural communion between Italian Catholics.

Pope Francis praised the vision of the first President of SIR, Msgr Giusseppe Cacciami, who hoped that the agency would be judged for its commitment to truth and impartiality when reporting. The Pope suggested that Msgr Cacciami's wishes are particularly important today, as the world witnesses the rise of "Fake news." He therefore exhorted the journalists of SIR to "Continue to practise your profession, always tending towards the truth, for that is the best antidote and most effective way to combat falsity."


Synod participants' pilgrimage to St Peter's tomb

Some 300 participants in the Synod on Youth made a pilgrimage to St Peter's Tomb on October 25, 2018: six kilometres of walking in Rome, with moments of prayer, in which the young auditors participated.

The participants arrived by noon at St Peter's Basilica, where the Pope joined them to conclude their pilgrimage. With him, they renewed their Creed, then celebrated Mass presided over by Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, General Secretary of the Synod of Bishops, at the Basilica's main altar.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization – the dicastery organising the Event – delivered the homily, meditating on the meaning of the Apostle Peter, his life, his vocation: "Peter shows us how to live our Christian existence."

"When he was young, he went where he wanted; he was autonomous, independent, that's what we want … but will come the time when another will lead you where you do not want to go," he said, quoting the Gospel of John (21:15-19).

To understand these words of Jesus, Archbishop Fisichella explained, "we need to turn a few years back to the vocation of Peter, who trusts Jesus after his unsuccessful fishing, and goes back to throw his nets: "I trust you." We see the confidence that Peter puts in Jesus, even if he did not know Him."