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Santana D'Souza – Petitioner

Hendry Hemant Aklae – Respondent

Since the present whereabouts of Mr Hendry Hemant Aklae, Respondent, in the above mentioned marriage case are not known, he is, hereby, summoned by this Edict to appear in person before the undersigned Judge in the Office of the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Bombay, Archbishop's House, 21 Nathalal Parekh Marg, Mumbai 400001, on November 19, 2018, at 10 a.m. to give evidence in the above case, presently being heard before the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Bombay. Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of Mr Hendry Hemant Aklae in the measure possible should duly apprise him of this summons.

Similarly, anyone knowing the present address of Mr Hendry Hemant Aklae is kindly requested to inform this Office of the same. Mr Hendry Hemant Aklae was last known to have been residing at: 4 OT, Station Road, Ulhasnagar, District Thane – 421 002.

Fr Emmanuel K.T. 

Ms Edna Menezes

October 29, 2018 
Tribunal Office, 
Archbishop's House

Youth go on an IRD Trip

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the PYC members of IC Parish set out on an unconventional trip to visit various religious institutions in Mumbai, under the guidance of Fr Alban D'Souza. The youth assembled in the church quadrangle at 7 am and headed to Marol to meet the co-organisers of the trip – Mrs Tekchandani and Mrs Nair.

The Shree Munisuvratswami Jain Derasar is a Jain temple where we had the opportunity to meet with a sadhvi who enlightened us on the teachings of Jainism and emphasised on the various sacrifices they make to earn Moksha or salvation. Our next stop was Shri Laxmi Narayan Mandir. Beautiful paintings of various Hindu gods and goddesses adorned all the four sides of the temple walls, along with idols of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesha and several others like Sant Rameshwar, Buddha and a floating stone from the famous Ram Sethu Bridge. Our next destination was the Brahma Kumari Centre. The head sister at the Centre gave us a peek into the world of meditation and the benefits of positive thinking. We played a few games which made us realise how meditation boosts creativity and productivity of both mind and body. Next up, we were in for a feast hosted by the warm hearted Sikhs at the Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak. This was no regular meal, but the holy Langar – a hallmark of the Sikh faith; a tradition pioneered by Guru Nanak Dev himself, that is practised even today by all the followers of Sikhism to continue the preaching of equality and eradication of discrimination of all sorts. A Sikh lady was kind enough to give us the essence of their mool-mantar; she told us how their holy book Guru Granth Sahib dictates their way of living. We then boarded the bus to Dargah Hazrat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi, the famous Mahim Dargah. Its beautifully lit interiors, and the services carried out by their charitable trust towards humankind, left us all spellbound. As a sign of their love and affection, the caretakers of the mosque personally welcomed each of us with garlands. Such a lovely day could not end without the name of the Lord. So we proceeded to St Michael Church, Mahim, where Fr Michael had arranged a special Mass for us on account of the feast of the Guardian Angels. The members of the IRD Cell, Mahim had made arrangements for flavoured milk and buttermilk which we relished.

We are truly overwhelmed by the exuberant hospitality demonstrated by the members of these religious institutions, for giving us their precious time and sharing insights about their faith. We feel privileged to be a part of this trip, and are ever so grateful to Fr Alban, Fr Aniceto, Fr Michael and the entire team for their efforts in making this a huge success.

Our takeaway from this day is to respect all religions, realising that despite the differences in our signs and symbols, we all share a similar message of love, peace and togetherness, and are in a common journey to meeting one goal – a place in God's kingdom.

Mary's Clan is 35

Mary's Clan, a home and rehabilitation centre for alcoholics, has completed 35 years of dedicated service. To mark the occasion, a thanksgiving Mass was celebrated by Bishop John Rodrigues on October 13 at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, Bandra.

Brother Cyril D'Souza, a reformed alcoholic, founded Mary's Clan on Oct. 13, 1983 at a shed behind the basilica which Bishop Longinus Pereira, the then Rector of the Basilica, allowed him to use. In April 2004, Bosco Pereira took over as Director, after Cyril's death, and has been Director since then. Mary's Clan has sheltered more than 5,000 alcoholics since then.

In his homily, Bishop Rodrigues said Mary's Clan has helped so many people, because of its trust in God's providence. "Everyone has his moments of foolishness. Sometimes we land into deep trouble and sin gets the better of us. St Paul cautions us of the danger of sin. But we are saved by faith in God revealed in Jesus Christ," the prelate said.

Bp Rodrigues commended the residents of the home for their decision to turn to God after realising their helplessness. He said D'Souza, the founder, came to that realisation in 1977, as he was travelling by train. "Your moment of insight, surrender may have been in different circumstances. But it is always the love and mercy of God saving and lifting up and bringing new life."

Bp John noted that the members pray regularly, volunteer and collaborate in various church activities. In May, the entire community gathers for the Marian devotion - the recitation of the Rosary at the Cross in front of the basilica.

He, however, cautioned against being complacent. "Everything may seem to go well. We can become complacent, over-confident. This is foolishness. So we seek Mary's intercession in our daily life, that we may hear God's Word and act accordingly."

Pereira said the members came to Mary's Clan to receive help to stop drinking. "Not only were we helped to recover from alcoholism, but also received food, shelter, medical attention and so many other graces," the director said. "At Mary's Clan, we have had alcoholics who came in various stages. Many were chronically affected with tuberculosis and other diseases. Some got old and were given palliative care to die with dignity and in peace."

In 2017, the Diocesan Human Life Committee of the Archdiocese of Bombay honoured Mary's Clan with a Pro-Life Award.

BIRD Alumni Day 2018

The Bombay Archdiocesan Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue (IRD), which conducts a one-year training programme known as Basics in Inter-Religious Dialogue (BIRD), organised BIRD Alumni Day on Mission Sunday - October 21, 2018 at St Pius X College, from 10 am to 2 pm. It was an open conference on the theme 'Challenges to Nation Building in Defence of the Constitution'. The theme was chosen keeping in mind that this year we are celebrating 150 years of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation.

The gathering of about 120 persons from different backgrounds began with Commission members lighting the traditional lamp, while the nuns from Canossa Convent led the prayer with a bhajan. Fr Aniceto Pereira welcomed the participants and invited Mr Dolphy D'Souza to anchor the conference. The speakers on the panel were Fr (Dr) S M Michael SVD, Secretary, Archdiocesan Commission for Inter Religious Dialogue, Prof. (Ms) Abhinaya Kamble, Professor of Political Science at Somaiya College, Dr Nikhat Noumaan, visiting faculty at Mumbai University and Dr Ram Puniyani, Professor, researcher and activist involved in secular and democratic initiatives.

Tracing the history of the development of the concept of nation in the 18th and 19th century in Europe and other parts of the world, Fr Michael pointed out that India comprises different races, linguistic, ethnic and religious groups, and so the Indian Constitution is the necessary binding force of this pluralism, which provides for equal opportunity and justice for all. Prof. Abhinaya Kamble expressed concern over the current turbulence in India. Minority and conscience profiling, situations where the oppressor presumes to be the role model, and real issues like rape, lynching, etc. are being ignored, are on the rise. She said that although the Constitution provides for equal rights to all, the complacent behaviour of the State sometimes speaks otherwise.

Dr Nikhat explained that a nation is a collection of people in a common geographical territory. The Indian Constitution states that India is a secular democracy. However, diversity is now polarising people which is a major threat to nation building. Dr Ram Puniyani explained that many current day nationalists term the Indian Constitution as 'western', but in fact, the Indian Constitution is based on values like liberty, equality, and fraternity, which are common universal values. It is also important to propagate a correct interpretation of history and facts about religion and politics to the average people of society.

In order to make ourselves aware of the present situation in India, five case studies were taken for group discussion. The case studies were related to real happenings in the recent past—mob lynching, land grab from tribals leading to their migration, increasing crimes against Dalits, and violence against Christians. This led to a very participative open interaction with the panelists.

The high point of the conference was the taking of the pledge from The Preamble of the Indian Constitution, by the entire group, followed by singing of the National Anthem. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Ms Noella Colaco, member of the IRD Commission, and a fellowship lunch.


Khandala Laity Retreat 2018
The 113th Annual Retreat of the Khandala Laity will be preached by Rev. Fr Terence Murray, PP of Christ the King Church, Borivli (E), Mumbai. Theme: Growing gracefully to be disciples of Jesus
Commencing: Thu. afternoon Nov. 15 - Sunday morning Nov. 18.
Contact Terrence on 2655 2776 / 98207 04931; Rosita on 99308 93636; Norma 98217 3209 ; Mathew 98700 82830; Lew 99203 64150.

The MOW Alumni are conducting their next study session titled 'One Truth, Many Distortions' - a study of Heresies in the Church, Then & Now, on Saturday Nov. 10, 2018 at St Pius X Seminary from 5 pm to 8 pm. For registration, contact Candida 98202 32421, Silveria 98671 69023, Jesse 93246 36375 and Orion 93241 53468.

Nirmala Niketan Polytechnic is organising short term courses in FOOD CRAFT, STITCH CRAFT AND FLOWER ARRANGEMENT in November 2018. e-mail nnpoly@gmail.com or call 2207 6503.