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posted Oct 24, 2018, 6:29 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Oct 24, 2018, 6:31 AM ]

Letters to the Editor column

The space allotted to this section in a publication is to provide a forum for a healthy debate and a free exchange of opinions on a topic, provided it does not cross the legitimate limits of propriety by indulging in defamation, slander or calumny. Given this criteria, in the absence of the Editor who is on sick leave, the Editorial Board is authorised to select the matter for this column accordingly. The Board will not succumb to any coercion for demands of an apology, when an objective and fair reading of the content of the letter does not stand the test of this scrutiny.

Signed/- Editor

On 'Priestly Celibacy'

Sir, This in response to Peter Castellino's inference on 'Scrap Priestly Celibacy' in The Secular Citizen, Oct. 22-28, 2018 - "Priestly Celibacy is based on the principle that man cannot have two masters; but it is not a divine law and must be made optional, because its continuance is preventing the ecumenical unity of different churches from taking place."

However, here is my viewpoint based on Biblical theology. Celibacy is an extraordinary vocation. It is for God's Kingdom, and is a "gift" from God! It can only be received and lived gracefully and gratefully. Those who have not embraced this unique present voluntarily and gladly will find it hard to practise it.


Indian pilots are competent

Sir, Two of the four captains, who flew the world's first longest inaugural flight from New York to Singapore, were of Indian origin. The return flight was operated a day later. This proves that Indians can compete with pilots of other nationalities in operating long flights. >>>


Padre Pio - Healer of Souls

Sir, This week, the relic of the Incorrupt heart of St Padre Pio was at the Manila Cathedral on its way around the Philippines. Crowds braved the weather in long queues to venerate the relic.

St Padre Pio is very much loved; a saint for our times; he was such a contradiction to the ways of the world. It seems that his incredible gift of being able to read souls was matched only by his capacity to suffer—with both the stigmata and enduring the constant attacks of the devil. Perhaps that was the price of such a gift in that he had to suffer in order to set his penitents free from bondage, to obtain for them the gift of conversion.