12 Synopsis of findings of the SCC evaluation 2018 Archdiocese of Bombay

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An Evaluation Committee comprising priests, religious and lay people was formed in October 2017, under the guidance of Bp. Barthol. After several meetings, it was decided that the evaluation would not be in the form of a formal research or survey, but a reflection process on the present state of the SCCs in the archdiocese.

The reflection process would take the form of a group discussion – groups of priests, laity, religious and seminarians.

A Core group was formed to formulate relevant questions for group discussion. The Core group prepared a form (containing four questions) that was approved by the Evaluation Committee. The form was presented at the Bishops’ Team meeting and approved.

A handout (containing the concept note, questions for discussion, along with important guidelines to be followed for group discussion) was sent to the Deans and the Deanery SCC Coordinators (priests).

In February 2018, the Deans conducted the group discussions for priests at the monthly Deanery meeting. In the same month, five lay representatives from every parish (including the Parish lay SCC Coordinator) along with the religious men and women involved in SCCs were invited for a meeting at the deanery level, conducted by one of the members of the Evaluation Committee.

+ Bp Barthol Barretto


Q 1: Impact of SCCs on Overall Life of the Parish Communities

a. Understanding of the Catholic Faith

1. Relationship with God: increased awareness of concern for neighbours; BUT no real faith formation on Catholic Faith / Doctrine. Bible sharing has created an increased awareness only among core group members.

2. Gospel Sharing: gives opportunities for Core Group members to grow in their faith, BUT it does not happen in the proper way. Sometimes, personalized understanding of the gospel to promote one's own ideology may conflict with the authentic understanding of faith.