10 The Stamp we missed of Our Lady - Pascal Roque Lopes

posted Sep 6, 2018, 10:35 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Sep 6, 2018, 10:35 AM ]
Our Lady of Fatima" is the title given to the Virgin Mary based on six reported apparitions of her witnessed by the three shepherd children in Portugal. She is also called Our Lady of the Rosary. The apparition occurred at the town of Fatima in Portugal on the thirteenth day of six consecutive months in 1917, starting from May 13 till October 13. It's a century since then. The Portuguese Indian States of Goa, Diu & Daman and Portugal's other colonies in Asia issued stamps commemorating this event. A specific stamp series was issued marking the 50th Year of this apparition.

In 1948, the Portuguese Indian states of Goa, Diu & Daman issued a bluish green stamp featuring a painting of Mary by Stefano Morri. It shows Mary clothed in white, radiating light, wearing a veil with a gold border covering her head and shoulders. Hands folded, holding the Rosary. This is how the children had described her. The stamp also shows three shepherd children Lucia Santos, and her two cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto praying in front of Mary. The stamp mentions Nossa Senhora de Fátima, has a value of 1 Tanga and mentioning India Portuguesa. The Portuguese ruled India since the 15th Century. They moved out of Vasai in 1739, but continued to rule the Portuguese State of India Goa, Diu & Daman till 1962.

Portugal issued these stamps, not only for the Portuguese Indian States, but also for its other colonies in Asia. They have issued a stamp on one single stamp sheet that has stamps for all their colonies in Asia. Countries mentioned on the stamps are Indian Portuguese, Cabo Verde, Guine, S. Tome E Principle, Angola, Mozambique, Macau and Timor. This stamp sheet is very well known as the Fatima Sheet of 1951.

The stamp sheet at the centre has the image of Pope Pius XII who was the Pope in the period of World War II. Pope Pius XII was a great devotee of Mary. He proposed the doctrine on the Queenship of Mary and established this feast for the Universal Church. In this feast, we celebrate Mary as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. On May 13, 1942, the 25th anniversary of the first apparition and silver jubilee of the Episcopal consecration of Pope Pius XII, the Vatican published the Message and Secret of Fatima. In May 1946, he authorised his personal representative, Cardinal Masalla, to preside over a canonical coronation of the image of Our Lady of Fatima, in Portugal. On the centre top of this sheet, you see Mary crowned; the stamp celebrates the feast of Queenship of Mary.