06 Mary - Model and Teacher of Values - Fr William Fernandes

posted Sep 6, 2018, 10:41 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Sep 6, 2018, 10:41 AM ]
Mary, Model and Teacher of Wisdom and Holiness' must become for us all a Model for Teachers' Day. This day dedicated to Teachers is a special invitation to all our dear teachers to heed Mary's invitation to be a true teacher of Gospel values. Yes, what Mary is by a singular privilege of Grace, we are called to become by collaborating with grace won for us by the fruits of her Son's redemption.

If someone were to ask us who is a holy person, there would be a variety of answers. A holy person is one who is very prayerful, and very close to God. A holy person is one who makes God the very centre of their lives and beings. A holy person is one who willingly does God's will and carries it out faithfully in their daily lives. All these answers are absolutely correct, but that is not what holiness is all about. It is much more, something that you and I have never thought about.

Mary's holiness consisted in more than just being a prayerful and God-centred person. Her holiness was seen very specially in accepting God's will, despite the fact that her life would consist of many sufferings and tribulations, to see her one and only Son with eyes of faith, hanging on the Cross to die a shameful death, and still believe that this was God's will for her. Mary never grumbled; she never wavered in her faith and love for God. She knew with conviction that God, who had called her, would be with her and never let her down. We all know how Mary was rewarded for her consistent faith and trust in God.

Today, we want to say: Teachers, we sincerely thank God for each of you. First of all, we thank God for your generous response to His call and invitation he has given each of you to be a teacher. We have always considered the job of a teacher to be a special VOCATION, not merely a profession. Many good teachers whose loyalty and commitment is sometimes questioned with accusations and blamed for the poor performance of some of their students still continue to remain firm in their conviction and belief that God who called them would be their strength and support. The biggest challenge a teacher must face is that of engaging herself/himself in moulding the character of her/his students.