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posted Aug 29, 2018, 9:50 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Aug 29, 2018, 9:50 AM ]


Anthony Francis Alhat — Petitioner

Veronica Dhiver — Respondent

Since the present whereabouts of Veronica Dhiver, the Respondent, in the above mentioned marriage case are not known, she is, hereby, summoned by this Edict to appear in person before the undersigned Judge in the Office of the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Bombay, Archbishop's House, Fort, Mumbai 400 001, on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. to give evidence in the above case presently being heard before The Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Bombay. Anyone knowing of the whereabouts of Veronica Dhiver in the measure possible should duly apprise her of this summons.

Similarly, anyone knowing the present address of Veronica Dhiver is kindly requested to inform this Office of the same. Veronica Dhiver was last known to have been residing at: C/o. Mr. Sudhakar Dada Dhiver, Murlidhar Landge Bldg., Janseva Chowk, Railway gate, Kasarwadi, Pune - 34.

Fr Neil dos Santos 
Ecclesiastical Judge

Mrs Juliet D'Souza

Tribunal Office, 
Archbishop's House

August 25, 2018

Quick-thinking 10-year-old saves lives in Parel blaze

Suffocating smoke, a panic-stricken family, frantic screams, prayers, and chaos greeted ten-year-old Zen Sadavarte, as she was abruptly rushed out of bed at 7:45 am on August 22. Thick soot-filled smoke had entered her bedroom; her parents ushered the family to the kitchen, where they opened the window for clean air, but what they found was smoke, more smoke.

The fire - that had broken out on the 12th floor of their building - had already killed four of their neighbours. Frantic calls were made for fire services; within minutes, the sound of fire brigade sirens joined with the wails of anguish coming forth from the 16-storey building. As the minutes passed by, it grew clear that the fire services alone could not rescue those stranded.

Cries for help were answered from unexpected quarters! 10-year-old Zen – a student of Don Bosco International School in Mumbai, came to the fore. She first shared her fire-safety knowledge with her parents, and then with the other three neighbouring families.

She tore clothes into smaller pieces, soaking them with water to make an air purifier of sorts to be placed over their noses and faces to keep carbon away. She then urged them to place wet cloth over their bodies to keep cool. Her instructions worked for them to stay safe, while the fire brigade carried out the rescue.

Two years earlier, she had conducted a research project on disaster management in school. She had learned about the anatomy of fire and methods of dealing with a fire situation. Her hard work paid dividends. Zen's calm composure helped save her family and neighbours from disaster. It bought them precious time, till the fire brigade personnel could reach them. While her parents are proud of her for saving the day, her school is proud as well.

"Now this is a case of a child who has actually adhered to what we have spoken about in school and used it. A skill taught in school is going to help you somewhere in your life, but only if you take it seriously," said Meena Saldanha, the Principal.

Fr Crispino D'Souza, Rector of the school, reflected on the teaching methodology adopted by the institution, which helps students deal with real-life situations. "It is a very proud feeling; it validates all that you do in the school. You feel consoled that there is some fruit achieved with the hard work that is put in by the staff. Normally, you get publicity for the wrong things that happen. We use International Baccalaureate (IB) methodology and PYP programmes, where we make the children research on different topics; it's very different from the rote method," he said.

While the blazing inferno in Parel destroyed homes, livelihoods and took lives, the fire could not dent the composure of a ten-year-old with nerves of steel.


Journeying towards 'I AM'

The WCCM community in Mumbai invites you to a Day of Silent Meditation, Prayer and Reflection on Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall, Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar. The resource person for the programme is Fr Gavin Lopes. It will include a celebration of the Eucharist. The cost is Rs 250/- per participant. Registration begins at 9 a.m. Kindly confirm your participation by registering on or before September 5. E-mail: wccmindia@gmail.com or sms Maureen 93232 93331.

I Respect You

An inter-religious programme was held at St Michael Church, Mahim on August 19, 2018. The Parish Priest, Fr Lancy Pinto, in his welcome address, said that Justice Sunday was an apt day to have this IRD programme 'I Respect You'. The 'You' is not just the Human Person, but includes God, Religion, Culture, all the living and the environment. Respect is deeply rooted in all religions, and helps us to communicate better and understand various cultures and religions. He extended a warm welcome to the speakers, panelists and the guests and expressed hope that we may extend the same feeling of respectful bonding to society at large.

The Canossian Sisters led all in singing the lyrics of the bhajan displayed on the screen. Mr Stanley Fernandez, the Moderator, briefly introduced the five speakers and two panelists. The message conveyed by all was the same:

• God is one
• Respect other faiths to add value
• Humanity is the essence of every religion
• Respect is commanded, not demanded
• We are the finest creation of Nature among sky, earth, water, plants and animals
• We are all made in the image and likeness of God so we must love and respect all. 

We had a good turnout of 130 people of all faiths; we had gone around personally inviting the Trustees of the Mahim Durgah and other Muslim friends and associates from the neighbourhood, the trustees of the Khalsa Sabha Gurdwara, the Prabhus from ISKCON, the Brahmakumaris from Prabhadevi, the Jains from Cadell Road, Hindu friends from the G-North Ward, the Parsis from our colonies and a few parishioners interested in the subject.

It was very heartening to see everyone exchanging pleasantries. All were of one mind and heart, and promised to work together to make our city a better place where love, hope and respect prevailed, no matter what creed, caste, class or colour.


Conformation Retreat: A Retreat for conformation students from Parishes as well as for individuals on the, 13th & 14th September 2018 in the Salvation Seva Kendra Hall, 2nd Floor, Gokhale Road [South], Dadar [W], Mumbai - 400 028. Registration Fee - Rs. 500/- with Snacks & Lunch. For registration please contact the CCR Office, Dadar - Tel Nos. 022 24303626, 022 24210881 at the earliest. An initiative of the CCR Mumbai.

Jesus Encounter Healing Retreat: from Friday 7th (7.30am) to Sunday 9th (5.00pm) September 2018 at Vinayalaya, Andheri (E), behind Holy Family Church, Chakala. Conducted by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Mumbai . Open To All. Registrations at the CCR Office, Dadar (W) - 24303626 / 24210881, 9930940705. Register early.

Awareness Programme on 'Oral Cancer' at Holy Family Hospital on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 12 noon at The Classroom, Basement, Holy Family Hospital, St Andrew’s Road, Bandra. CT Scan (neck with oral cavity) at 20% discount. Registration charges: Rs 150 includes one consultation. Call 6267 0555 or 6267 0366.

Weekend Residential Retreat: The Shrine of the Infant Jesus, Nashik invites you to a weekend residential retreat: Sept. 29 – 30 (Sat-Sun). Theme: 'Jesus, my life and light'. Preacher – Fr Errol Fernandes SJ, Vice Principal, St Xavier's College, Mumbai. Call Wason to confirm: 73503 74138.