09 I Respect You – Victims of Addiction - Fr Joe Pereira

posted Aug 14, 2018, 9:20 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Aug 14, 2018, 9:35 AM ]
"But I love you, Daddy"

Being the daughter of an alcoholic father, Jim Reeves' song "Your five year old face is a dirty disgrace, but you love me, daddy" changed to "I won a race in school on Sports Day, but you weren't there, daddy. Your bottle was your best friend, and it really hurt when you weren't there, daddy."

My father thought he knew what was best for me, but I didn't respect him, because he was an alcoholic. We used to fight constantly. Having a predisposition to addiction, I soon became hooked on marijuana, and my dad's pleas fell on deaf ears; because if he could drink, I could smoke, right? Wrong. I quickly made a mess of my life, and it was only through the amazing grace of God that I was brought to Kripa.

It was a two-fold learning for me. On one part, going through the programme myself to get clean, and on the other part, learning that I was a co-dependent and what that meant. The Kripa Model of recovery helped me to see in my father his helplessness and hopelessness, and how very lonely he was, and I recognised this in myself also. Now, there is new found love and respect both ways. I have been clean now nearly nine months, and miraculously, my father also does not drink that often any more. I am deeply grateful to Fr Joe and the Kripa family for this new lease of life. - IVY

I RESPECT YOU – Victims of Addiction

When an individual goes into any kind of addictive behaviour, one can observe the sense of being alienated from Society. Some look at Addicts as "Dregs of Society". Martin Buber said that love is an "I-Thou relationship" and when it is not available, one creates an I-It relationship with any substance or behavior, such as sex addiction, gambling, pornography etc. This creates a sense of isolation, and one literally lives in a world with a population of one (oneself). Recovery is to reverse this sense of isolation, and to feel loved and respected as a human being. Kripa Foundation, inspired by St Mother Teresa of Kolkata, treats every individual as the presence of God. "As long as one does it to the least of one's brother or sister, one does it for the Lord."