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posted Aug 8, 2018, 11:08 PM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Aug 8, 2018, 11:08 PM ]

Role of parents in Priestly Vocation

Sir, This refers to the article 'The Role of Parents in Priestly Vocation' (Examiner dated Aug 04-10) written by Bishop Bosco Penha. It indeed gives us an insight into the role of parents of those who choose the religious way of life. In the current context, it's extremely difficult for a young man to hear and respond to God's call. There's just too much noise, too many distractions and too little support. Robert Cardinal Sarah, in his fine book, God or Nothing, puts it this way: "How can we not be saddened by the sight of all the young men who hesitate to respond to the Lord's urgent appeal, 'Come and follow me'? God is still calling as many men as in the past; it is the men whose hearing is not what it used to be."


Empowering the poor

Sir, A circular issued by the state Charity Commissioner's office makes it mandatory for all charitable hospitals, including elite hospitals like Jaslok, Lilavati, Hinduja, Kokilaben Ambani etc to include the word 'charitable' in their names. These hospitals avail of several concessions pertaining to water and electricity bills, long-term land lease, income tax etc. In return, they are required to keep aside 10% free beds and 10% concessional beds for the poor. However, many poor patients are afraid to even enter the gates of these hospitals, for fear of being turned away unceremoniously. The word 'charitable' will empower the poor to some extent.


Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Sir, Your special Jesuit issue (The Examiner, July 28 - August 3) with the illustration of St Ignatius, their founder on its cover, with the catchword, 'For the Greater Glory of God', reminded me of President Donald Trump's nomination of Catholic Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the prestigious U.S. Supreme Court! Here is what Kavanaugh had to say:

"I am deeply honored to be nominated. The motto of my Jesuit high school was: 'Men for Others', and I have sincerely tried to live that creed. I am part of the vibrant Catholic community of D.C. The members may disagree about many things, but we are united in our commitment to serve."


Sacraments of Penance & Eucharist

Sir, A few years ago, we had a Redemptorist Mission in our parish at Orlem for almost a week. And from Day One, there were confessions right from 9 am to 9 pm, with a break for lunch. People flocked to the confessionals till the last day and hour; there were people from neighbouring parishes too.

The Church today lays great emphasis on THE EUCHARIST, while little or less time is devoted to PENANCE (Confessions). There are several Masses every day, as also on Sundays, whereas for Confessions, there is negligible time devoted - barely an hour a week.

There are some churches where there are confessions held practically every day, like St Peter's, Bandra, Poinsur before Mass, Ballard Estate before Mass occasionally etc.


Sanctity of Confession

Sir, This is in connection with the shocking abuse of the secrecy of the confessional by five Kerala priests of the Malankara Orthodox Church, to target a woman of their faith, by molesting her and blackmailing her, and then threatening to inform her husband of the sordid details of their encounter with her.

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God's vanguard in Hindi Heartland

Sir, 'God's vanguard in Hindi Heartland' by Fr Sony Joseph (Examiner – August 4, 2018) makes for interesting reading. Fr Sony, in his endeavours in the Hindi heartland, has given a different dimension for practising the Catholic faith. There are many lessons to take home – Prayer, faith in God, humility, compassion, patience can work wonders and make us a community which reflects the face of Jesus Christ in all that we do.