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posted Jul 5, 2018, 8:46 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jul 5, 2018, 8:47 AM ]

Pope's surprise visit to dinner with homeless

As new Cardinal Konrad Krajewski was treating the poor and homeless of Rome to a dinner on June 29 night, Pope Francis surprised them with a visit and joined their celebration. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, popularly known as Fr Corrado, the Pope's official almsgiver (who was made cardinal by Pope Francis at the Consistory on June 28) had invited 280 persons for the special dinner.

Pope Francis surprised everyone when he arrived at the Vatican employees' canteen. The Holy Father dined with the guests, and spent about two hours chatting with them.

There were about 60 volunteers serving the meal, including Carlo Santoro of the Community of Sant'Egidio of Rome, who works with Cardinal Krajewki's Office of Papal Charities, to assist the homeless in Rome.

"It was a specially warm visit, because it was a dinner of the new cardinal with the poor," Santoro said. "To the surprise of all, the Holy Father arrived. We thought it was a simple greeting and he would be off soon," he said. The new cardinal turned to Santoro, asking him to make room close to him for the Pope.


Sowing the seeds of peace

The Interreligious Dialogue Commission of the Diocese of Sylhet, in north-eastern Bangladesh, recently organised a roundtable to "build a peaceful nation."

The Diocesan Office invited Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist leaders to the event; at least 200 people participated. The meeting's explicit aim was to make leaders understand that it is necessary to work together to build a country of peace. The theme of the event was 'An open heart brings peace and harmony'.

Sanghanando Thero, head of the Sylhet Buddho Bihar Buddhist monastery, fully embraced the purpose of the meeting. "If everyone worked with a positive mindset, they would succeed," he said. "That's why we should use the heart properly. As a mother saves her child by giving him life, we too should save all the animals of the earth," he explained. "If various religious leaders sit around a table to discuss, I believe that many problems would be solved."


Difficulties of an indigenous catechist

One of the most important figures in the work of evangelization in the Amazonia communities is the catechist, responsible for accompanying daily life, given the small number of priests. As José Valdeci Pereira Gonçalves, catechist of the community of São Francisco, diocese of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, explained, "Being a catechist means trying to bring our people to get to know the Word of God, building a community, helping people understand how the Church works, what God wants."

It is not easy to carry out this service; often, there is no formation and participation of families. For José Valdeci, it is necessary "to bring the knowledge of God's Word from house to house, starting from a small passage of the Word, to see how we live it in the community, how God wants us to be more united and more committed to the Church."


Korean WYD

The Archdiocese of Seoul will host the fourth Korean Youth Day (KYD) in August. The great feast of young Catholics in the country, the "Korean WYD" will have as its main theme the evangelical phrase 'Do not be afraid; it is me.' Cardinal Yeom, Archbishop of Seoul, explained that the event (August 11-15, 2018) is an opportunity for the spiritual growth of young people and for them to meet Christ in their lives: "I sincerely desire that many young people can discover true peace and consolation in the presence of God, entrusting themselves to Him."