15 Book Review

posted Jun 27, 2018, 10:18 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jun 27, 2018, 10:18 AM ]

The "7" series by J Maurus

The numeral 7 has traditionally, both from a spiritual and cultural viewpoint, been interpreted as implying collectivity and universality, as also balance, excellence and wisdom. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that of all numerals, 7 is the one that people generally seem to have the greatest affinity to, many considering it a source of good luck. Capital Sins, Wonders and Sacraments too each count 7 in number. 7 was the subject of the dialogue between Peter and Jesus in relation to the issue of forgiveness. Jesus, in reply to Peter's query, "How many times should one forgive, seven times?" affirmed "Seventy times seven" (Matthew 18:21), i.e. an endless number of times.

Incidentally, the most significant connotation of the numeral 7 lies in its occurrence throughout Nature—the seas and the continents, the colours in the rainbow and days of the week, each numbering 7. And so it is that the prolific writer J Maurus, with over 100 books to his credit, strove to bring out a 7-volume series of books that would serve as seven measures set to reorient the way people think, speak and act. Destiny, of course, willed it otherwise, allowing him to give his readers just three, before his sudden demise on February 1, this year, which BETTER YOURSELF BOOKS, a division of ST PAUL'S now proudly presents!

The volume titled 7 ATTITUDES TO AN ENERGIZING LIFE [ISBN 978-81-7108-897-3 / pp 135 / Rs 120], takes the reader on an inner journey in quest of wholeness, commencing from where one is, then moving on to explore one's own psychological dynamics that affect one's personality and to initiate changes for the better. Its salient feature is that it is primarily a practical journey through seven attitudes basic to human life viz. wisdom, body and mind, emotions, relationships, the family, work, and personality; each chapter intoning ideas that enthuse and offering suggestions that inspire.