11 School is Kewl - Ninette D'Souza

posted Jun 14, 2018, 8:38 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jun 14, 2018, 8:38 AM ]
Addressed in Love to all school-going children, from a Parent-Educator

SCHOOL' – It's not just a place where you go to learn Einstein's theory of Relativity; rather, it's the place where if you choose to, can take your learning beyond the limiting walls of a classroom. It's a place where Sport, as a part of the curriculum, encourages you to always move ahead in Life, putting your best foot forward. School is where Skills are honed and Identities strengthened. Competitions at School and Interschool levels encourage networking between schools, thereby allowing you a peek into a world different from your own. "Education is not preparation for Life; Education is Life itself." (John Dewey) So true!!!

"Character is not ready made. It is created bit by bit, day by day in the manufacture of daily duty." (President Woodrow Wilson) What better way to build your Character than through the daily routine of Education, both formal and informal, received in school, for 'To Educate' is to sow values in order to form persons with a solid personality. Dear children, coming to school ensures you are befittingly nurtured from a young age, and kept away from the many distractions that can lead you astray. Interactions with peers lead to friendships built for Life. Six months ago, I attended the wedding of a young man whose mother and I developed a friendship in school at the age of 10. Administrators of schools are concentrating on Annual Day and Sports Day extravaganzas and other curricular and co-curricular activities, big and small, rather than only on Academics, because these activities fine-tune your talents and work towards showcasing them while helping your creativity to blossom. These are effective in teaching you 'Lessons of Life' through a spirit of participation and co-responsibility. They allow you to pool your talents and come up with a 'Champion Team', rather than remaining a non-performing team of champions. With most schools going techno-savvy, horizons are broadened through greater exposure and development of a scientific temper, while subtly allowing Values to take root in you. >>>