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posted Jun 6, 2018, 9:37 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jun 6, 2018, 9:37 AM ]

Bishop Rhoades on St. Mother Teresa!

Sir, Jim Graves posted on May 22, 2018: "Little-Known Facts about 6 U.S. Bishops." This was published by the National Catholic Register, America's most complete Catholic News Agency – a Service of EWTN (Eternal Word Television Network). I would like to report on Bishop Kevin Rhoades of Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indiana.


Julio Ribeiro's Apologia - 'A Prayer for secularism'

Sir, I refer to Ribeiro's brilliant article in the Times of India (Sunday May 27, 2018). Apologia (not to be confused with apology) is defined in the dictionary as "A formal written defence of a cause or one's beliefs or conduct." (Remember Cardinal Newman's Apologia pro vita Sua.) Ribeiro is outspoken and has irrefutable arguments for his views and actions. None can be faulted. I urge readers to go through his article at least twice to get the feel of his thoughts. Delhi Archbishop Anil Couto is being accused of polarisation of voters, which individuals like Amit Shah are guilty of. The accusation made against Anil Couto amuses him (Ribeiro) not a little. I like Ribeiro's description of Rev. Anil Couto as an "uncomplicated individual" (hailing from Ribeiro's mother's village in Goa).


The One-Paisa Joke

Sir, Believe it or not, on May 30, petrol price was reduced by one whole paisa! Is this a joke or just another installment in the 'Jhumla Series' which kicked off with the 'Rs 15 lakh in every bank account' promise?

The Aadhaar card was introduced to ensure transparency. Why can't we have some transparency in determining the price of fuel? In the last week, the price of Brent crude dropped by one dollar every day for five days, yet the price of petrol kept rising in our country. During the Karnataka elections, prices remained constant for several days - apparently to fuel the electorate!


'Forgive Them'

SIr, 'Not forgiving is letting your enemies live rent-free inside your head' was a phrase I found very irritating the first time I heard it, as I had squatters living in my sparsely furnished penthouse at that time.

One was an old woman who, in more enlightened eras, would certainly have been burned at the stake; the other her submissive insidious side-kick whose treachery would give Judas a run for his money, whilst showing rather less regret. The more we trust, the greater the opportunity we give people to harm us and the more deeply their betrayal wounds us.


Catholic entrepreneurs

Sir, The article "Become rich, create wealth" (Examiner dated June 02-08) is an eye-opener to our community, especially to the younger generation. Some of us who were successful businessmen will fully endorse the views of Clifton Desilva, when he says that, equipped with education, we seek to be suitably employed and do not think of being employers. It is true that employment offers a great deal of financial security, and in some cases, excellent perks. Some of the perks include house, car and other allowances. It is difficult to resist the temptation to take up a cushy job. However, people must realise that to own and run a business is also an option. A Catholic businessman once remarked, "Each time I have been employed, I have received a string of congratulations from colleagues. When I have been on my own, people have regarded it as queer, and nobody has congratulated me." We still think employment is the ultimate goal to be pursued. Many Catholics would not have the patience to wait until a business grows, which may take some time to bear fruit. While getting a degree and educating ourselves has its own advantages, our aim should be not to be a CEO, but to employ CEOs.


'Online Catholic University' marks 35 Years!

Sir, The first 'Online Catholic University' has marked its 35th anniversary in 2018. It was founded in 1983 by Bishop Thomas Welsh of the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, following Vatican II's exhortation on the 'universal call to holiness and witnessing Christ in the world'!

Marianne Mount, the current president of the Catholic Distance University (CDU) sent her congratulations (May 26, 2018): "Now in the words of Pope Francis, the CDU is able to "reach the peripheries"! The schools are regularly featured on the National Catholic Register, which boasts of over 900 students, and more than 30 faculty members. This innovative campus boasts of a 'digital cafe' and even an 'online Chapel', where students can meet and post 'online Prayer Intentions'."