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posted May 2, 2018, 11:04 PM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated May 2, 2018, 11:04 PM ]

Ensure good water supply

Sir, With reference to Mr Albert C De Souza's letter titled 'Adequacy of Mumbai water supply in pre-monsoon months' in THE EXAMINER (April 28 - May 4, 2018), it is interesting to note that we Indians love to play with water, use it in festivals, and use it to cool down and get respite from the heat by swimming in the sea, rivers, lakes, etc. and offer it as part of our courtesy to all guests who come to our home, and offices, clinics etc.


Workers' Apostolate – the Need of the Hour

Sir, The editorial 'Workers' Apostolate – the Need of the Hour' (Examiner, April 28 - May 04) brings into focus the need to treat workers with dignity and care. This reminds us of what Rabindranath Tagore said, "Work is worship"; he advised the priests to give up their counting of beads and their singing and chanting of mantras. He sharply states, "Open your eyes and see God lives with the humble and downtrodden like the tillers of the land and path-makers who work hard at breaking stones. He lives with those who toil in the sun and whose clothes are soiled with dust. God is with the humble tillers of the soil who slog in the rain and sun. Tagore thus glorifies the life of the humble labourers and rejects the ascetic way of life.


Injustice in SC appointment

Sir, While accepting the name of senior advocate Indu Malhotra, the Govt has asked the Collegium of the Supreme Court to reconsider the name of Uttarakhand Chief Justice KM Joseph for elevation as judge to the Supreme Court. The Govt has cited seniority and lack of regional and caste representation as the (ostensible) reasons for returning the file of Justice KM Joseph.


Summer Holiday Club

Sir, The month of May always gets me nostalgic about the fun times at the Summer Holiday Club at St Anne parish, Mazagaon, during my wonder years way back in the 70s, and I fondly recall the efforts of our Spanish missionaries, the late Fr Ribes and Fr Juan to make it enjoyable for those who could not vacation in the hills, at the beaches, or at one's native place.


'Freedom from Bondage'

Sir, Many Catholic saints over the centuries have received revelations about hell, and St John Bosco had a very detailed dream or journey there. He walked down the wide road that led there; an easy stroll at first, although sloping down in a progressively steeper gradient, until it dropped off altogether into the abyss. He saw so many of the young people he loved stumbling and falling there.

It progressed much the same way that sin and separation from God can be seen in our day. Where sins may give pleasure to the senses for example, this leads to giving reasons for sin, defending one's actions as habits, and then addictions are formed. Eventually, they are claimed as rights, as they become an integral part of lifestyle. The road in Don Bosco's dream becomes so steep, that those on it run uncontrollably for their destination in the end.