15 Dabul Youth Camp at Lonavla - Allwin D’Souza

posted May 2, 2018, 11:37 PM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated May 2, 2018, 11:38 PM ]
The youth of St Francis Xavier Church, Dabul went for a two-day and two-night Formation Camp from April 21-23, 2018 at St Stanislaus Villa, Old Lonavla which was organised by the youth core team of outgoing and incoming office bearers, under the guidance of Fr Byron Mendonca, our Parish Youth Director. 22 youth from our parish participated in the Camp, and the main purpose of the Camp was to strengthen the bonding of the group.

We had a pleasant journey to Lonavla by the early morning train from CSMT station, and reached the Villa in time for a lovely breakfast. We were asked to surrender all our mobile phones, and were told that we would get them back only at the end of the Camp. It was painful to give up our phones, but we managed to be without them till the end of the Camp. This was done so that there would be more interaction and bonding amongst ourselves, lest we be stuck to our individual phones.

The first part was on Team Building and Leadership, and the second part was on three debates comprising of a wide range of topics – ranging from Religion, Environment and the Political scenario. These debates made the youth think out of the box and set their mind moving to new avenues of thought.

The afternoon was a treasure hunt with clues and riddles based on the history of St Francis Xavier Church, Dabul. The treasure hunt helped us to grow in knowledge of the historical facts of our parish church.

Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr Byron with a beautiful analogy on the relationship of the shepherd and sheep. We were also led to have more reverence towards the Eucharist with a beautiful video on how we can receive the Holy Eucharist with deep meaning.

In the evening, the youth presented an Ad-mad competition, as each group came up with creative advertisements. It was an entertaining time, and a relaxed evening of fun, joy and creativity.

The next morning, we had a beautiful open-air Mass; in Nature, amongst the trees surrounding us and the beautiful chirping of the birds, we were led to thank God our Creator and the gift of Creation which made us feel refreshed. At the offertory, Fr Byron invited us each to make a prayer, as we presented something of Nature (leaf, grass, twig, flower, etc.) and related it to our life.