12 Sands of Kathua

posted Apr 25, 2018, 8:34 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 25, 2018, 8:35 AM ]
A---a, beti, go and call the cattle home and call the cattle home

across the sands of Kathua.

The northern wind was wild and dark with lust,

and innocently all alone went she.

The winds crept along the grazing ground,

around and round the ground

as far as eye could see.

Then the roving demons came down on the child


(with apology to Charles Kinsley)

Our darling A---a, everyone's baby, what wrong did she do? At that tender small age, she did a daily family routine, as on any other day. Why, O why, did this child with an innocent heart and face suffer such fate? Born in Kathua, buried elsewhere across mountains, by parents who moved by foot, lock, livestock and barrel from one mountain to the other.

Who is to be blamed for this graphic spiral lust of the opposite gender? Once roused, they do not care for the consequences till it is DONE with, and then it is too late both for the victim and the criminal.

Who is to be blamed? Governing bodies who pass the buck instead of coming out with immediate laws of instant punishment without useless trials, bail, umpteen pages of chargesheets, arguments for and against from legal eagles. Yes, lawmakers insist on passing useless laws amidst Opposition's din in Parliament, but laws that uphold the dignity of citizens take their own sweet time.

Who is to be blamed? Movie producers who, with both eyes wide on the box office returns and in a frantic haste to join the Rs 1000 crore club, just cannot complete a movie without that item number where over-exposed so-called item girls groove to scandalous numbers. The advertising companies responsible for commercial endorsements just cannot promote products without over-exposure of the models. Even simple products that have no relevance to the model also go the same way.