14 How silence helps the flow of Divine Mercy - Janina Gomes

posted Apr 5, 2018, 9:33 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 5, 2018, 9:33 AM ]
All the noise in the world and within our troubled selves does not allow the free flow of divine mercy that flows naturally like the river or comes down like the soft snow and rain. The moment people say something we do not like or make hurtful remarks, we want to retort back and give tit for tat. Sometimes, I find that maintaining a peaceful silence can prevent us from saying what will bring a chain reaction, when we cannot improve upon our silence.

For those who are obsessed with what others do and say, keeping the mind still is a problem. Divine Mercy opens doors for us into the beyond. We experience God as merciful when we are not driven by the need to be vindictive and revengeful. Almost like a compulsion, people trade insults and mire others and themselves deeper into a situation where nobody wins.

In the past, we had a more fearful image of God as someone who will extract the last pound of flesh. For some, it is as if God were an ogre waiting to punish us, and keeping a list of the wrong we did in our lives. Jesus' coming changed all that. He was kind and compassionate unto death, even death on a Cross.

The open doors of heaven are symbolic of a reality in our lives. When, like in our Eastern tradition, we allow things to flow, the bad moments pass away. We find we are simply accepted as we are. We do not need alibis for our goodness. The very fact that God accepts us removes all pressure to make it to heaven.

Rituals help, but only if we interiorise them. We could go on preaching and sermonising, as if we know the answers to everything. God looks straight into our beings and our hearts. He is a just judge, but allows His mercy to flow freely into us, when we have not built impenetrable walls of division and hatred.

Love, unconditional love, is God's signature tune. Otherwise, few would have made it through the narrow gate. The way to perdition is wide, but at every opportunity God gives us a second chance. We can choose again, we can change direction, we can grow in surrender and grow in grace.

Mercy is nothing but the grace of God. For those who cannot switch off when it is necessary to, getting caught up in a kind of volley of revenge, leading to further revenge, seems the way many live their lives. Mercy comes through grace, God's grace. Just walking into a church where the doors of mercy are open is not meant to be a mechanical or magical exercise. It requires a change of disposition and a change of heart.