10 TRUE LOVE conquers all - Dr Jeanette Pinto

posted Apr 5, 2018, 9:36 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 5, 2018, 9:37 AM ]
Rita was the fifth child born in the Peters household; five other children came after her. With pro-life parents and a total of six brothers and three sisters, Rita soon found herself apprenticed at well-known confectioners. There, Rita met John Ferns, one of her fellow apprentices; their friendship grew to love, and when she was twenty-one, they were married.

The most beautiful form of love on earth is the love between man and woman, in which two people give of themselves to each other forever. All human love is an image of divine love. Love is the inmost being of the Triune God. In God, there is a continual exchange and perpetual self-giving. Through the overflowing of divine love, we participate in the eternal love of God. The more a person loves, the more he resembles God. Love should not only influence the whole life of a person, but it is realised with particular depth and symbolism, when a man and woman love one another in marriage and become "one flesh." (Gen 2:24)

Over time, Rita and John opened their own little confectionery shop. They had five children of their own, and amidst life's struggles, they clung to each other living a chaste love. Why should any married couple live a chaste love? Because it defends itself against all the internal and external forces that might destroy it. That person is chaste who has consciously accepted his sexuality and integrated well into his personality. Chastity and continence is not the same thing. Someone who has an active sex life in marriage must be chaste, too. A person acts chastely when his bodily activity is the expression of dependable, faithful love.

Chastity must not be confused with prudishness. A person who lives chastely is not the plaything of his lusts, but rather lives his sexuality deliberately, motivated by love. The Catholic Church advocates a holistic-ecological approach to sexuality. This includes sexual pleasure, which is something good and beautiful, personal love and fruitfulness, which means openness to having children. It is the understanding of the Catholic Church that these three aspects of sexuality belong together.