14 Significance of Resurrection today - Maria D'souza

posted Mar 29, 2018, 9:08 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 29, 2018, 9:09 AM ]
As I sat to write this article, what struck me was the song, 'It's My Life' by the rock band, Bon Jovi. In a nutshell, Jon Bon Jovi says this song is not one for the faint-hearted or a prayer for the faith-departed (those who lack confidence), but for the ones who stood their ground and never backed down in the face of tomorrow's hardships. For one has got to make his own breaks when he faces the one life he has to make. We may never know if Jon Bon Jovi is reflecting the values of the Christian faith through his song.

What we do know, unlike Bon Jovi's lyrics, is that 'my life is a gift to me from God' and 'I am not free to do with it what I wish, much less to end it.' Also, we know that Jesus stood His ground for the cause of justice, love, compassion towards the poor, which was a total antithesis to the strict legalistic Judaic law. For this, He suffered, died, and His Resurrection brought us new life.

As we celebrate the most important feast of the Catholic calendar—Easter—we rejoice in Christ's Resurrection. In fact, every time at the Holy sacrifice of the Mass, we commemorate Jesus' death and Resurrection in the words, 'Do this in memory of me.' It simply means that the Eucharist is a connection with Christ's death on the Cross–a Supreme Sacrifice.

As a Christian, I'm called to selfless sacrifice. So, do I join the fire brigade or the armed forces, to put my nation before self? Not at all. Consider this simple example among many others. I only give to those who I judge are worthy of my charity. In doing so, I am guilty of discriminating and neglecting those who urgently need my help, and are suffering under the pain of poverty. It is to the latter that I must sacrifice.

Someone may ask why does God's Creation permit suffering. If God's Creation was perfect, why did He allow suffering? Everyday we hear of human tragedy. Loss of a loved one to cancer or an accident, terrorists mercilessly gunning down citizens, and honest hardworking people robbed of their savings or valuables through commercial frauds or armed robberies, our missionary priests and religious attacked because of their faith, and trees axed indiscriminately for commercial gain.