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posted Mar 22, 2018, 12:31 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 22, 2018, 12:33 AM ]

Lenten Missions

Sir, All the parishes in the Archdiocese of Bombay plan for a meaningful Lenten Mission for their parishioners. The Missions during the Lenten season are conducted in different languages - English, Konkani and Marathi - which draws a large crowd. A few parishes invite the powerful Redemptorist priests, preachers from Potta or even have Gospel music, etc. during Lent.

Lent is the time when people like me tend to introspect and recharge their batteries, getting closer to God by taking the necessary corrective steps where necessary. This season is a time for conversion and leading a purpose-filled life, adding a few Christian values. It is the time for repentance and reconciliation.


No Cross, No Crown!

Sir, In your (Anthony Charanghat's) article: 'No Cross, No Crown', The Examiner (March 17-23, 2018), you have rightly declared in the opening paragraph: "The Fifth Sunday of Lent once again proclaims the paradoxical wisdom of emptying in order to become full, of dying so that we may be raised to New Life!"

'No Cross, No Crown' is one of the chief works of William Penn, first published in 1669, when he was imprisoned in the tower of London. The book mainly deals with the importance of self-denial in the Christian life. It also reminds me of similar phrases like 'no thorn, no throne'; 'no gall, no glory'; 'no pain, no palm'!


Holy pictures & periodicals

Sir, In Mahim, on Lady Jamshedji Road, about 100 yards from Paradise Cinema, is Ambika Paper Mart, and sometimes when I drop by to browse through the numerous and varied books, the owner, friendly Dhiraj, will hand over to me a holy picture or religious magazine that has come in with the raddi!

Another year goes by, and one wonders what to do with Don Bosco's Calendar, and the calendar which the Parish Priest has so thoughtfully provided! A donation to Don Bosco's Madonna and good Fr Edwin D'Souza promptly acknowledges receipt by means of a letter expressing genuine gratitude, and invoking the abundant blessings of the Almighty on you and yours, and not forgetting to enclose a few holy pictures!


State funerals only for brave soldiers

Sir, Cine-star Sridevi, who passed away recently in Dubai, was accorded a state funeral. Her body was draped in the national tricolor, and she was given a gun salute. With no disrespect to the popular filmstar, one needs to look into the propriety of according a state funeral to civilians, before it become a precedent, with other film stars, sports persons, artistes and even local politicians demanding similar honours. I believe that other than the forces and top Constitutional functionaries, a state funeral should not be given to any other person.


Pope Francis on homilies

Sir, This is with reference to the letter 'Pope Francis' advice on homilies' by Prof Robert Castellino (The Examiner, Feb. 17). Pope Francis' recent advice to priests to be brief and well-prepared during their homilies which should not last more than 10 minutes, comes not a day too soon, in view of the spate of complaints from the faithful from all quarters that Sunday sermons are largely hollow, with little food for thought or uplifting of the spirit, to help people grow in faith in today's secular world. What is dished out at sermons is often a repeat of the day's readings and gospel which the people have already heard. Sermons are usually long, dry and monotonous, beginning with anecdotes that seldom have any bearing on the day's readings.>>>