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posted Mar 22, 2018, 6:54 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 22, 2018, 6:54 AM ]

The Deeper you go, the Higher you grow

The Parish Youth Day at St Anthony parish, Malwani, Malad West on February 11, 2018 was an event organised to appreciate the efforts of our youth and provide a platform for fellowship, thus encouraging us to strive for greater achievements. It was one of the first events in the parish dedicated solely for the youth – the future of the parish.

Bishop Barthol Barretto inaugurated the event with his own warm style at 4 pm, with a procession of flag bearers led by the Bishop and our very own Youth Director, Fr Sandeep Borges and our Parish Priest, Fr Agnelo Fernandes.

After blessings from the Bishop and words of encouragement,we began an evening filled with fellowship and frolic.

The youth were split into ten groups, all ready to have a series of ice-breaking sessions. The ice-breakers were innovative and engaging, and made sure the youth all mingled with one another.


Talasari Mission Experience

Around 25 Committee members of the BCS- Orlem Unit, along with two YAA youth members, led by FrOniel (the animator) had an exhilarating mission experience at Talasari run by the Jesuit priests - Fr Andrew Rodricks (Principal), Fr Bob (Pastoral/Boarding), Fr Vijay (Pastoral), Br Wesley (Boarding) - who manage this mission, covering 15 schools in and around Talasari/Palghar area, teaching 1500 school children from Std. IX, mainly from the Warli tribe and a few Gujaratis and Muslims. They have 100 boys as boarders.

After a typical rural breakfast, Fr Vijay gave us a talk on Lent, introducing it with a bhajan. He helped us to go deeper into the meaning of Lent, by slowing down our hectic life, asking us to withdraw from the hustle and bustle, gradually refreshing our five senses through the vehicle of God's love, by introspecting within and filling us with an experience of God's compassion and mercy.

He narrated a story of two sanyas is who got rid of one of the two farm animals they had, and discovered that they had greener pastures than they previously had. The message was that in order to prosper in our spiritual lives, we need to get rid of all the excess baggage that we carry.