11 We would like to see Jesus - Christopher Mendonca

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Reflection for Lent 2018/5

The Experience of Philip (a first-person account)

It was nearing the feast of the Passover.
One evening, I was approached by two Greeks
with a request, "We would like to see Jesus."
Together with Andrew, I went to tell Jesus.1
His response surprised me.
It was the worst kind of advertisement for his mission.
Why talk about your impending suffering and death
to a well-intentioned and unsuspecting first-time seeker?
This wasn't the first time though.
At Mount Tabor, Peter, James and John
had seen his glory,
but coming down from the mountain,
he immediately predicted his suffering and death.
He seemed to tell us that if we really wanted to see him,
we must accept him as the Suffering Servant, portrayed by Isaiah.
In his farewell discourse, he seemed to identify "seeing"with "knowing",
and in the unkindest cut of all, I who had been with him,
having seen him, yet did not know him.2
Being one of the crowd that followed him
is no indication of discipleship, as we were soon to realise.
Not even being his close companion was enough.
Most of us would see, yet not perceive.