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posted Mar 1, 2018, 6:55 PM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 1, 2018, 6:56 PM ]

Face fears with discernment and courage!

Sir, On Thursday, February 22, 2018, Pope Francis encouraged youth to face their fears with discernment and courage, looking to Mother Mary as their example! His address came ahead of the 33rd diocesan-level 'World Youth Day' on Palm Sunday, March 25. Some excerpts:

"In moments of doubt, and when fears flood your hearts, discernment becomes necessary; which is also indispensable when searching for one's vocation – an interior reflection or a 'call from above'! Prayerful silence and dialogue with others are required for the process of discernment!"


Exploitation of house-workers

Sir, Reflecting on the words our Pope had said, "I think of so many maids who work for their bread. They are humiliated and despised." (Examiner dated Feb. 24). As reported, Pope Francis has urged the faithful to ask themselves whether they treat their domestic workers with fairness. Hundreds of women clean homes, cook and care for children, only to be turned into virtual slaves. Many have little or no privacy; they have to sleep in rooms with the children they care for, or on sofas and floors.


Priesthood is a Mission!

Sir, On Friday, February 16, 2018, Pope Francis met with the community of the Pontifical Maronite College. The Maronite Catholic Church traces its roots to the early Christians of Antioch, whose liturgy uses the Syriac language, a dialect of Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus! Some highlights of the Pope's address:

"You will be called to exercise more than well your assignment; in fact to live a 'Mission' – a mission without savings, without many calculations, and without limits of availability!"


Jesuit saplings showcase talent

Sir, On February 23, the Junior Jesuit scholastics staged two One-Act Plays—'Day of Atonement' by Margaret Wood, and 'Love of One's Neighbour' by Leonid Andreyev, at the Holy Family School Hall, Andheri East.

While the first play was published in 1962, it won 'the British Drama League One Act-Play' Award. It describes the themes of Redemption and Forgiveness (apt for the season of Lent) centering around the background of the Nazi holocaust, the Jewish family - Jacob, wife Marthe, children Otto and Ilse and German Dr Krauss.

This Act required a great deal of practice and memorisation, and was enacted with elan and meaningful facial expressions that were visible to the fully packed audience. Smooth dialogues, punctuated with a song, and a dance by the trio, was quite beyond our expectations. Each actor showcased his ability to perform wonderfully well. Kudos to them all! ]


Celebrate Holi respectfully

Sir, Festivals in India are a reflection of the country's cultural and religious richness. Holi is one such festival as it spreads goodwill among people. This festival of colours is undoubtedly the most fun-filled and boisterous of all Hindu festivals in the country. But it has been observed that residential societies waste a lot of water while celebrating this festival. Merrymakers also get drunk on thandai laced with bhaang (an intoxicant) on this day, and behave in a rowdy manner. There are other problems too. Mischief-makers apply colours on others that are harmful to the skin. Several instances of sexual abuse have also been reported.


Fr Denis Kokya, RIP

Sir, Fr Denis Kokya, who passed away recently at a very young age, was a jewel of a priest. He was unassuming, cooperative, dedicated, and above all, a prayerful person. He spread the ministry of community building (BCC) not only in Vasai Diocese, but even beyond along, with with Bishop Bosco.


Ensure St Anthony's relics come to Mumbai too

Sir, With reference to the report-cum-article titled 'Relics of St Anthony of Padua to be brought to Goa' (The Examiner dated Feb. 24, 2018), it is highly disappointing to know that St Anthony of Padua's relics will not come to Mumbai.


Maharashtra government... in a hurry!

Sir, Around six years ago, when L.K. Advani was in the forefront and Parliament was not being allowed to function, somebody referred to L.K. Advani as ‘an old man in a hurry', in an apparent reference to the Opposition plans to precipitate mid-term polls, projecting Advani as the Prime Ministerial candidate.