13 AICU Centenary Symposium - Raphael D’Souza

posted Feb 16, 2018, 12:45 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Feb 16, 2018, 12:45 AM ]
‘God and Caesar – Evolving Community Focus’ - A report 

The Maharashtra Chapter of the All India Catholic Union joined the countdown to the Centenary Celebrations of AICU by organising a thought-provoking symposium on the subject 'God and Caesar – Evolving Community Focus' at Bandra Gymkhana, Mumbai on November 19, 2017. The galaxy of speakers led by none other than Rt. Rev Bishop Thomas Dabre, Bishop of Pune, Retd. Chief Justice Ferdino Rebello of the Allahabad High Court, Dr John Dayal, eminent journalist and social activist, and Mr Albert W. D'Souza, renowned businessman and educationist provided an eclectic mix of religion, legal, lay and business perspectives to create a wonderful fusion of insights, bringing to the fore various nuances on the highly seminal topic of discussion.

'Caesar' is eponymous for the political and administrative system ever since Jesus spoke the famous words: 'Give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar….' (Matthew 22:21).The All India Catholic Union has taken on the mantle to empower the laity to be involved with the Socio-Spiritual, Political, Administrative and Economic spheres and stand up for their rights through a strong laity organisation.

The seeds of this organisation were sown at the First All India Catholic Conference in 1919, which was held under the eminent leadership of Prof. A.Soares, Mr F.A.C. Rebello and Prof. C.J. Varkey. Mr F.A.C. Rebello, a visionary, is particularly known for starting many Catholic Banks, Gymkhanas and Societies that are now celebrating their centenaries in Mumbai and other places. The organisation particularly got a fillip when Mr George Menezes became its President in 1986. The AICU has been growing from strength to strength, as a democratic federation with affiliated Catholic Associations across the States, Dioceses and Districts in India. The AICU in turn is affiliated to the CBCI, and dialogues with it on laity empowerment issues.