08 Don Bosco Youth Film Festival of India 2018 - Karen Laurie

posted Jan 25, 2018, 9:50 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jan 25, 2018, 10:46 AM ]

Movies, Magic and Mobilisation

"The small thought in your mind could be the next big thing in the world. Challenge yourselves: the next big film will be made by me. The next big idea that will change the world, will be by me," Fr Savio Silveira, Vice Provincial of the Salesian province of Mumbai, said to the youngsters, as he inaugurated the Don Bosco Youth Film Festival of India (DBYFFI) at Khalsa College in Mumbai. "Through this festival, we provide a platform for your ideas. Constantly look within yourselves; find new ideas and pass it on to the world," Fr Silveira added.

DBYFFI, aimed at promoting positive images of peace, hope and compassion among the young, was screened at more than 100 venues across 20 states in India on January 18-19. The annual festival showcased 34 short films, meticulously selected by a panel of experts from among 900 submissions. The films focused on eco awareness, respect for parents and teachers, alcoholism, social media addiction, teenage problems, peer pressure, social responsibility, sense of God, ethics of relationships, friendship, hard work, creativity and oppression, amongst others.

"These short films help imbibe values that are not available through formal education, so we are very open to it," said Dr Allan D'Souza, Vice Principal of Khalsa College. As the movies were played, the audience comprising over 500 students at the college auditorium were exposed to silent, animated, Indian and international films.

Post each film, the festival organisers in collaboration with the college staff, engaged the students in thought-provoking discussions. After the screening of 'Never give up', where a paraplegic is seen overcoming his disability through sheer grit and hard work, the students were prodded, "When you ride your bikes rashly, do you think of the consequences of your action?" "Make responsible choices; remember your family and your loved ones," and "If something inadvertent were to happen, never give up. Hope in God, and you will rise."