12 SCC Silver Jubilee Chimes - Malwani- Rudyard Gomes

posted Jan 4, 2018, 7:43 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jan 4, 2018, 7:43 AM ]

Onward SCCs: from Silver to Gold!

The Small Christian Communities at St Anthony's, have reached the silver milestone of their journey at Malwani, Malad. Started in July 1992, Bishop Bosco Penha's clarion call to every Christian 'to feel with the Church and to live the Church', through the new SCC movement, sowed the seeds of this movement 25 years ago.

Sr Manisha rscj of the congregation of the Sacred Heart, made a gigantic contribution to the parish with her role in boosting this movement in its nascent years. The role of the late Fr Vincent Gonsalves, the Parish Priest at that time, and Sr Gertie Alphonso rscj, sadly no more, with stalwarts and priests from the parish community, set the ball rolling for its steady growth.

On the cusp of the silver year of the SCCs, which has blossomed and grown from a mere five communities to a 43-strong band of communities, the build-up was a planned strategy. It commenced with a well-thought out theme: 'Celebrating a COMMUNION OF COMMUNITIES', so that the SCCs must engage and envelop every member of the parish family.

The Silver Jubilee Committee worked creating and sustaining 'Awareness' of what the SCC is all about, addressing differing levels of awareness among parishioners. "RE-NEWAL" was the key thought underlying the month-by-month build-up of activities! Flagged off in December 2016, the activities began with a training programme for animators on 'Gospel Sharing'—the foundation stone of SCCs. Christmas 2016 saw the zones participate in a Crib/Star competition based on the three pillars of SCCs: Community Building, Faith Formation and Service/Outreach.