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posted May 16, 2019, 1:56 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated May 16, 2019, 1:56 AM ]

Mumbai needs good news

Sir, Kudos to Cynera Rodricks ('National Museum of Indian Cinema') and Alex Rodrigues ('Faith drives his Art') in The Examiner (May 04-10, 2019 issue), both Mumbaikars. Congrats to their parents, too, who have raised them up with the right Christian values. You make all of us from Mumbai proud! Disseminating good news is the need of the hour. Being a role model for versatile youth to emulate is commendable. Alex has shown the way—faith in God, family support and passion for work. Suggesting educative, informative, healthy entertainment and ideas is, in my opinion, a spiritual mission. It often results in transformation and change. Keep up the good work!


Pope on St Mother Teresa

Sir, At an outdoor Mass in Skopje, North Macedonia, Pope Francis said in a homily regarding Mother Teresa of Kolkata:

"Hunger for bread, hunger for fraternity, hunger for God! How well Mother Teresa knew all this and desired to build her life on the twin pillars of Jesus incarnate in the Eucharist, and Jesus incarnate in the poor – Love received and love given!"


Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - a long stretch !

Sir, As we near the end of the current Lok Sabha Elections, the point being debated is the long period over which the elections have been spread out. There was a question posed in a newspaper (Mumbai Mirror, May 13) : "Is the seven-phase, 39-day general election too long?" I would say, "Yes, indeed!"

It is said that India is a vibrant democracy, and our Election Commission is stated to be very efficient. If that be so, one fails to understand the long period of 39 days over which these elections have dragged. What is it that prompted the Election Commission to do this? Whatever the concerns, our country seems capable of overcoming all obstacles. We have seen many ups and downs, critical situations, and we have overcome all of them so far. Ideally, a ten-day period should have been good enough, and all parties would have had a level playing field. This long stretch leaves room for suspicion; incidents and speeches during the intervening period would unfairly influence the voters in the remaining phases.


Times Square Pro-Life event

Sir, On May 4, 2019, there was a Pro-Life event in Times Square, New York, where legislation against the unborn is currently at its most harsh. There was the usual mix of speakers, abortion survivors and Pro-Life advocates, and a crowd of 20,000 supporters.

A group of 2,000 pro-abortion supporters attempted to disrupt the event, but they got more than they bargained for. One of the speakers prayed for the protesters; others who had had abortions themselves, and had previously shared their views, expressed their sorrow and regret.


Book on Valerian Cardinal Gracias

Sir, I was excited to read the book review by Fr Charanghat on The Contribution of Valerian Cardinal Gracias to Society and Church, authored by Dr Melanie Fernandes and Joseph Velinkar SJ.

The review has whetted my desire to get hold of the book. I hope it is available with St Paul's Press. The review brought back memories of the early fifties, when I attended services at Holy Name on Sundays, and at Easter, Christmas etc., reminding me of the Cardinal's legendary skills as an orator. On Sundays evenings in Lent, not a seat was left vacant, and his oratory held the congregation spellbound. You could hear a pin drop. There were crowds at the Cooperage for Christmas and at other public gatherings, when his superb oratory was in evidence.


Rhythm of Rest and Recreation

This refers to the Editorial 'Rhythm of Rest and Recreation' (Examiner dated May 11-17). Fr Charanghat has rightly brought to the fore the importance of rest—at least one day in a week, in our daily lives. What all this boils down to is that the energy and awareness you bring to your work will have a much greater impact on your productivity, than the number of hours you spend sitting at a desk. Managing your energy resources in a responsible way by prioritising regular rest days will help prevent mental and physical burnout, so that your mind functions at its best when you sit down to work. >>>