13 RESURRECTION affirms sanctity of Life - Dr Jeanette Pinto

posted Apr 24, 2019, 6:47 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 24, 2019, 6:47 AM ]
Life is the most precious of all gifts that man has received, but does he know how to care for it? Does he know how to appreciate and live it well? One wonders when one sees how carelessly humankind deals with this gift. In one newspaper, Asha read a shocking story. A duffel bag had been hurled from a speeding car on the freeway in a so called 'smart city'. Inside was a baby girl – a nameless child who had died on impact just hours after birth. "Lord, what kind of society have we become that someone could throw a baby out of the window like a cigarette butt?" she muttered.

In an article about prisons, it was reported that imprisoned mothers are forced to keep their baby children with them in the prison. Here's a description of two-year-old Irfan in prison. 'He crawls along the dirty cement floor of a jail in India's financial capital, Mumbai, wearing only a soiled and torn vest, covered with flies, his tiny arms and legs erupting with vicious red boils. He defecates near a stinking open sewage drain, and begins to wail; maybe to be cleaned, possibly for food, or just the warmth of an arm around him - but there is no one willing to listen.' Aren't you horrified and deeply pained to learn of Irfan or any such baby's fate? Where is the dignity for that little human person?

We have often heard that human life is priceless. How so? Indeed, has anyone tried to measure the value or worth of human life? Let's use the scales of justice to measure the value of human life. On one pan of the scale, place human life; be it even the unborn babe, a child, a teen, an adult, or a senior; and on the other pan, what will you place to evenly balance the scale or let it tip down? Is it Money? Property? Riches? Jewels or what??? You see, you can find NOTHING to equate, or which is more valuable and precious than human life.

How about death? Regardless of race, religion, caste, geographical area or time, everyone dies. This is one fact of life that unifies all human beings. The fact remains that death is the end of the precious gift of life. Once the breath of life is gone, that life is lost forever. Indeed, one can measure the quality of life using statistical data in terms of life expectancy, luxurious lifestyle, probability of crippling, fatal or non-fatal injuries or deadly illnesses, and the like. But truly, the value of any human life cannot be exaggerated.