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posted Apr 16, 2019, 8:27 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 16, 2019, 8:27 AM ]

You Did it Unto Me

During the Season of Lent, The Young Adult Association (YAA) of Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Orlem, organised a unique Way of the Cross. With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, they took us through this Way of the Cross. Some of the pictures were quite different from the ones we would normally come across. For instance, the stairs on which Jesus walked up for His trial before Pontius Pilate. The stairs looked so real, one could actually see each step clearly. The nails which pierced through the hands and feet of Jesus seemed so real. It could make us freeze with fear of those deadly nails piercing through our body. The imprint of the face of Jesus as a reward for that one woman among the crowd who plucked up the courage to wipe the face of Jesus, was touching. The trees from which the thorns were actually used for the crown. The wood of the actual Cross brought tears to one’s eyes. The Shroud, the Nailing of Jesus to the Cross, the burial in the tomb were all brought alive through those pictures. The Resurrection slide showed us the promise of ‘eternal life’! As part of their Lenten Outreach programme, a special collection was made at this Way of the Cross, which was earmarked for an orphanage for girls located at Kharodi, Malwani known as Sneha Sagar Ashram, managed by the ‘Helpers of Jesus.’


Parish Youth Animators at work!

Animating is 'putting life' in someone, and that is exactly what we do in the 'Youth Ministry' at St Joseph Church, Mira Road. We are a team of 18 - with a Youth Director, three Youth Office-bearers, a Youth Coordinator and 13 Youth Animators.

We won't call it a duty or a responsibility, but a journey that begins by saying 'YES' to our call. We are chosen to be a part of this Ministry, not because of our educational qualifications, or an ‘X-factor’, but because of our availability (in spite of our jobs), approachability and our willingness. Most of us have 4-6 NYGs to animate, which is a huge responsibility. Getting introduced to the youth in the particular NYG that is allotted is the first step. Once rapport is built, it becomes much easier for us to reach out to the youth, to understand them, to mentor, develop and encourage them to use their time and talents for God's glory.