16 Easter Resurrection for Mother Earth - Vera Alavares

posted Apr 16, 2019, 8:33 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 16, 2019, 8:33 AM ]
At Easter, we celebrate the new life given to us through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Messiah! Mankind and all of God's Creation that coexists in harmony rejoice in the peace and joy the season brings. But in reality, the silence of the empty tomb is yet to convert into New Life, that makes earth and its inhabitants the children of the light!

Are we going deeper into darkness, squandering the inheritance of a beautiful home given to us, by seeking life in the glitter of this world? A glimpse of paradise that was created for us makes us acutely aware of the darkness around. Take a look at what the Holy Scriptures tell us.

Once there was a flowing river, its blue waters lapping at the silvery sands of the shore. The palms at the water's edge curved gently over the surface of the water, as though whispering sweet nothings to the little creatures that swam there. The swaying palms played a sweet melody, as the gentle breeze ruffled the fronds. And this was God created.

Nearby, Mother Earth rose up to meet the blue sky dotted with blobs of cotton wool, pleasing to her eye. Her gentle slopes attired in all shades of green of the mighty trees wove a magical fabric with their leaves, adorning her. The blanket of green cloaking the hill housed many a gurgling stream, rushing down the slopes to meet the mother river, and eventually the sea, its resting place. And all was well with the world.

The marshland that connected the two little hamlets came alive in the dead of the night. God's little creatures seemed to praise their maker in song and dance. This piece of paradise was specifically created for them, when HE asked Creation to multiply and fill the earth!

The creatures that made jungles their home were the happiest of all! Peace and harmony reigned supreme, and life couldn't be better, for the Creator had thought of all their needs. The ground was covered with grass, and rivulets of pure water irrigated the land. The green canopy offered ample food and shelter to the winged creatures, as God meant it to be. The Creator planted harmony in every realm of Creation that He shaped with love and care.