11 The VICTORY of Love - Sr. Sharmila Fernandes SJT

posted Apr 16, 2019, 8:54 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 16, 2019, 8:55 AM ]
Easter is the celebration of love! It is the victory of love. It is the most important season for us Christians. During Easter, Jesus invites us to deepen our capacity to receive His grace - the spiritual energy for our New Birth and New Life!

Easter is not only about the Resurrection, but it is also about the appearances. Jesus appears to a number of persons; they find it difficult to recognise Him. Jesus had risen, but the people were still caught up with Good Friday, and Jesus turns their sorrow into joy as He encounters them with His new life — a life centred on the love of the Father and the love of humankind.

Jesus' Resurrection and the appearances gave way to a revolution of tenderness. As Pope Francis puts it in the TED talk he gave in 2017, "Tenderness is not weakness; rather, it is fortitude." This stands true as Jesus paved for us the path of love and tenderness. The revolution and the victory is possible only through the path of love. From the Cross, He forgives; from the grave, He saves; and by His appearances, He reveals His victory over death and over every sin. It is not through violence or retaliation; rather, it is through tenderness and love.

The love expressed for humanity is revealed through the Life, Passion, Death, Resurrection and post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus.

During His life, He encountered sinners: The Samaritan Woman was not confronted keeping in mind her sin, but with tenderness. In spite of knowing her background, Jesus chose to talk to her and show her the right path (Jn 4:4-26).

During His Passion, He forgave the dying thief and promised him paradise, indicating an act of tender love towards the sinner (Lk 23:43). His compassion was also displayed as he tenderly glanced over his persecutors and forgave them (Lk 23:34). His love made Him give His mother to the world, indicating the love He has for humanity (Jn 19:27).