09 RESURRECTION: Bulwark of Truth, Justice & Hope - Fr Errol Fernandes SJ

posted Apr 16, 2019, 8:56 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 16, 2019, 8:56 AM ]
The Easter mystery reminds us that goodness will perpetually prevail over evil.

Doubt and disillusionment, discouragement and despair, dread and fear are emotions that are common to all of us at some point or other in our lives. When we are confronted with the death of a loved one or loss of a job, or a life-threatening illness, we are thrown into a tailspin, and our hearts are filled with anxiety, dread and fear. We think that things will never be right again. Especially in the middle of the night, things seem at their very worst. We forget that there ever was a thing called hope, and all that we have learned about God's saving grace and unconditional love is nowhere to be found. If ever we knew how to call upon God, it is now only a distant memory from a better and happier time; and even when we need God the most, we turn our backs on God and walk away.

Every step becomes a challenge, life becomes drudgery, and there seems to be no point in carrying on. This is what happened to all believers on Good Friday, when Jesus was nailed to the Cross. The Lord who could calm the sea and walk on water was crucified like a common criminal. The Lord who fed 5,000 with a mere five loaves and two fish, who made the dumb speak and the deaf hear, who healed paralytics, and even resuscitated the dead, was now in a tomb. Where was hope? Where was the promise of the resurrection? Where was the expectation of new life? Did it make sense to believe? Did it make sense to trust? Did it make sense to hope?

The story is told of a child who began to read the Gospels. Like billions before her, she quickly became charmed by Jesus. Suddenly, she ran out of her room, crying hysterically. She ran into the arms of her alarmed mother and cried: "They killed him. They killed Jesus. He did no wrong. Why did they kill him? Why?" Her mother comforted her, and then whispered to her, "Now go back and finish the story." The girl obeyed her mother, and read about the Resurrection.