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posted Apr 10, 2019, 8:49 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Apr 10, 2019, 8:49 AM ]

Condemnation of violence against Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Tamil Nadu


The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India expresses its shock, pain and hurt at the violence against the staff, students and Religious Sisters of the Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Chinnasalem Town Panchayat, Villupuram, Tamil Nadu which occurred on March 25 and 26, 2019.

We grieve the death of the young girl who committed suicide out of fear that she may not pass her 10th Standard Maths (Public exam), and that she would bring shame to her family and her parents. We offer our condolences to the family of the girl, and offer them all our support and comfort. We pray for the repose of her soul, and for her parents and family in this difficult time of their lives.

We are however appalled and worried by the violence unleashed against the School staff and the Sisters, and we condemn it unequivocally. The Bishops express their solidarity with the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Lourdes Province of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation, who are providing quality education for the last 74 years through this school, to boys and girls from the most backward families.


Where does the Procession Go?

Fr (Dr) John Rose SJ

In the Spiritual Exercises, the Ignatian contemplations get us to dig into the mysteries of our Lord's life by being fully placed in them, using all the faculties of the senses, imagination, memories and thoughts to make them come alive in the present time, and by taking an active role in them, absorbing the consolations and insights that the mysteries contain. This is what I tried. I got into the situation of Palm Sunday, and felt what the main actors and bystanders were experiencing, and sensed the triumph that pervaded the atmosphere. I also felt the disdain and horror in the hearts of those who entertained nothing but ill will. The final moments of Jesus' life were gone through in the same manner, but this was also what was experienced: the physical pain was excruciating, but much less than what was caused by the absolute uncertainty of what was going to happen in the future. But there was something in Jesus that did not deter Him from the path He had chosen. He did not turn back or withdraw Himself. If He had done that, He would have felt something more terrible, and it was only the assurance of the rightness of His cause that made Him bear the unbearable, do the undoable.