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posted Mar 27, 2019, 10:12 PM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 27, 2019, 10:12 PM ]

The Road to Calvary

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The Road to Calvary: Meditations for Our Journey through Life by Briston Fernandes is a modest little book which could easily get lost or overlooked among the numerous devotional publications that make their appearance during the Lenten Season. But if you can find it, do take the time to read the synopsis on the back cover, and browse through the Foreword and Introduction. You will soon realise that it offers a uniquely different approach from traditional Lenten books on The Stations of the Cross.

Although the Meditations follow the familiar structure of the fourteen Stations, the reader is gently drawn into a deeper and more personal reflection on the Way of the Cross. The author has intentionally taken the reader out of the crowd of bystanders, and placed us on the Road to Calvary. The reflections compel us to radically change our understanding of discipleship. It is not enough to simply be a devout spectator alongside the Road to Calvary, sorrowfully contemplating Jesus as He struggles to carry His cross. Rather, the meditations are primarily intended to engage us as active participants in the Mystery of the Cross, even as we are called to take up our own cross and follow Jesus, who walks with us on our journey through life.

The author’s introduction articulates the spirituality underlying the theme and focus of the Meditations. The premise is that each one of us is uniquely created and fashioned by God with a particular purpose and singular path in our life. Thus, every person we encounter, every event we experience, and every circumstance we are involved in, is purposeful in shaping, moulding and fashioning us into the image of Christ in our life’s journey.