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posted Mar 13, 2019, 9:52 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Mar 13, 2019, 9:53 AM ]

Cautious use of words

Sir, Words flowing from our mouths or from our writing indicate the kind of persons we are. They indicate our gut-level beliefs; they show our DNA. After Pulwama, came the attack at Balakot. The former was a tragedy for the Indians; the second was for our neighbouring Pakistan. Before and after these events, causing the loss of so many human lives, the word 'revenge' was on the lips of thousands of Indians, as we saw on the television screen. The same thing must be happening in Pakistan. The word 'revenge' spells hatred, which is an evil.


Renewing the Sacrament of Penance

Sir, As a lay person, I read with avid interest the article 'Renewing the Sacrament of Penance' by Bishop Bosco Penha which appeared in The Examiner (March 02-08, 2019) issue.

That this Sacrament has lost much of its significance and appeal is true without a doubt. But could this be because we have lost our sense of SIN? Catechesis for most of us ended with Sunday School and the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Give up Gossip

Sir, Pope Francis rightly wants us to give up gossiping for Lent (Examiner, dated March 09-15). Most of us would agree that we have been doing it for centuries and how hurtful it can be. If it happens to you, it can really sting. Yet, we continue to do it. Gossip erodes the fabric of what is most essential for us as human beings. We want to be in close relationships. We want to be connected. We want to be safe and we want to feel that we can trust one another. Gossip does not do any of these things.


On the Goan exodus

Sir, This is in response to the letter 'Preserving Goa' by Joseph M. Dias (Examiner, Mar 02-08). There is nothing new or surprising that Goans are leaving Goa in large numbers in search of greener pastures. We have seen this happening over the last century, when Goa was under Portuguese rule, where there were no jobs, and Goans had to leave Goa for employment elsewhere. Thousands migrated to erstwhile Bombay, while several others to Gulf countries. Although the situation in Goa has improved after the Liberation, jobs in Goa are difficult to get due to the increase in population, as well as the overall rise in unemployment in the country, which at present is the highest in the past 45 years. The exodus-like situation in Goa therefore continues, with thousands of Goans queueing up at the Portuguese Consulate for a Portuguese passport that entitles them to job opportunities and residence in all European Union countries.

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Becoming a 'Welcoming' Church

SIr, India is a diverse and multicultural place, and as Catholics, we are blessed to practise our faith by the rights given to us in our Constitution. In a place like Mumbai which is very cosmopolitan, or Goa which attracts millions of tourists, our churches welcome people of all faiths. However, the practice of Catholicism is defined by one's acceptance of its doctrine and Sacraments.


Control fake "forwards"

Sir, To the Holy Father's suggestion to give up 'gossiping' during the ongoing season of Lent, may I add the giving up of forwarding texts/messages that are outright inauthentic or whose origins are difficult to verify, please?

Right now, making the rounds of various chat groups is a forward purportedly put out by a person of eminence - Mr Julio Ribeiro, a former top cop - in response to the Prime Minister's public query as to what previous governments have achieved for the country since Independence. Irrespective of whether one agrees with the contents of the forward in question or not, the language used in the forward is so faulty that it cannot be even remotely attributed to Mr Ribeiro.


Celebrating Women

Sir, On March 8, we celebrated International Women's Day. It is a day to celebrate how much women have achieved. We celebrate the many ways that women have advanced in various careers and roles as independent, autonomous persons, able to strive towards their full potential. We celebrate the many creative and innovative ways that women are successfully contributing to the global community.