13 Book Review

posted Feb 20, 2019, 9:03 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Feb 20, 2019, 9:03 AM ]

Reflections in a Broken Mirror

by Dom De Sa

I was quite delighted to receive a copy of Reflections in a Broken Mirror.

Dom's acquaintance with the Holy Bible, influential writers, thinkers and personal reflections is quite impressive. Though a layman, the quality of his writing is not that of a 'layman'. He has touched quite a noteworthy level of substantive, thought-provoking essays with some soul-stirring narratives.

In his reflections on the Resurrection, he writes, that the Risen Lord is "to remain for many of us, the hope that all our dying will not, ultimately, be the breaking of us, but the making of our humanity." (page 66) Yes, death is not annihilation, but the flowering of one's life, if it is accepted in total surrender to the Lord, Crucified and Risen.

In the section on "Thy will be done", De Sa states, "Yet our acceptance of God's will is rarely that of eager hearts. If we will be frank with ourselves, it is more often abject resignation to the inevitable. We surrender to "our fate" or to "our destiny" – not to a loving and gracious benefactor, in whose will is our true joy." (page 228)

In the Gita, it is said, "Death of the one born is inevitable." According to modern philosopher Hiedegger, "Man is a being for dying." For us Christians, however, death is not just ineluctable existential facticity, but an act of profound faith and a total self-surrender into the hands of the merciful Saviour.