22 Letters

posted Feb 14, 2019, 9:50 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Feb 14, 2019, 9:51 AM ]

Goa is changing

Sir, Having just returned from a short holiday in Mobor, Cavelossim, South Goa, I happened to read Bosco De Souza Eremita's article 'Goa Tourism hurt by Over-Exploitation'. My hotel resort located on Mobor Beach was deluged with local guests attending destination weddings. In a span of four nights, there was a turnover of three destination weddings from across India. My wife and I listened to foreign elderly couples bemoaning the lack of quiet time. >>>


Daily Flash - a booklet that inspires

Sir, It is over 25 years since the Daily Flash began circulating in Mumbai and elsewhere. This booklet of daily reflections (published in Goa) has helped thousands of people connect the daily Scripture readings to life. In the current age of smartphones and online apps, Daily Flash continues to hold its own, thanks to the dedicated service provided by Mr Berein Pereira, the distributor for Mumbai, who goes out of his way and often at considerable expense, to get the books to parish bookstalls, etc.


A Good Life to the End

Sir, In his article, 'A Good Life to the End' (The Examiner dated Feb 09-15), Bishop Allwyn D'Silva has rightly pointed out that the elderly would welcome being able to spend the last days of their earthly life surrounded by loved ones. Loneliness and social isolation are major predictors of seniors utilising home care, as well as entering Homes for the aged. The positive angle is that using long-term healthcare services can in itself connect seniors with much-needed support. Particularly for seniors in rural areas, entering a care facility may provide companionship and social contact. >>>


Lector Ministry at St Andrew's

Sir, The Lector ministry at St Andrew's Church started 20 years ago under the leadership of Msgr Nereus Rodrigues, the then Parish Priest. Presently, there are 50 lectors—youth, adults and senior citizens. We meet once a month on the first Tuesday. At the meetings, our Spiritual Director, Fr Caesar, gives us a small talk of about 15 minutes on the Word of God or lector-related issues or some current issues.

Every new lector is trained thoroughly before being appointed to read. In June, we have a recollection when the new lectors are inducted, and the rules and regulations of the Ministry are explained to them. Fr Savio de Sales was instrumental in building up the Lector Ministry at St Andrew's.