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posted Feb 6, 2019, 5:51 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Feb 6, 2019, 5:51 AM ]

'Catholic' Healthcare

Sir, This refers to 'World Day of the Sick kicks off at Nitika Don Bosco' (Examiner dated Jan. 19-25), about a seminar conducted for Catholic doctors and nurses. What makes Catholic healthcare 'Catholic?' Many would say it is the Catholic tradition of moral decision-making that the Church has refined and relied on throughout its long history of caring for the sick. However, there is a lot more to Catholic healthcare than mere negation. In fact, the positive dimensions of the Church's healthcare legacy - that is, what the Church hopes to accomplish, what she intends - far outweigh the negative dimensions. Ultimately, the Church's focus in its various healthcare operations - nursing homes, hospitals, outpatient clinics, the medical missions - is Jesus Himself.

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China aiming for college excellence, India for Quotas

Sir, Ten years ago, India was seen as a potential superpower, capable of combating the rise of China. Today, China has risen so fast that it challenges the techno-military might of the US. India is too far behind to matter.

The main reason is India's dismal educational system, producing unemployable college graduates and schoolchildren close to functional illiteracy. The latest Annual Status of Education Report reveals that barely 50% of children in Class 5 and 73% in Class 8 can read a Class 2 text. Only 44% of Class 8 children can do simple division. How can such a country become a superpower?

Ten years ago, China was still exporting mainly labour-intensive items made in factories employing thousands of workers at low wages. India at the time had emerged as a formidable exporter of computer software, ahead of China in this high-tech area. It had also risen fast as a world-class exporter of generic drugs, small cars and refined petroleum products.


Church signs going viral

Sir, I refer to the article on the above subject in The Examiner (Jan. 26, 2019) taken from Times of India (Sunday Jan. 20, 2019). Most Church signs are quite clever and humorous, and I enjoy them whenever I spot a really good one. They have to be short, witty, packed with power and delivering a good punch that makes the public chuckle when they read it.


Sacrificial Love

Sir, When Satan tempted Adam and Eve by luring them to believe that they could get the better of God, clearly it was the sin of Pride that had got the better of them. Today, that pride is still strong in our present generation, and will continue to plague humanity, until we learn more about the priceless value of Sacrificial Love. The truth is that the practice of Sacrificial Love can begin only when we acknowledge that the root cause of our most common weakness is the Pride we cling to so stubbornly. For instance, it is Pride that gets in the way of reconciliation with our neighbour. That's basic; but it also reminds us of one of Aesop's fairy tales - an innocent little princess was tested for the truth of her noble lineage. She could not get any sleep because of a single little pea that was hidden under six layers of mattresses. Pride is the little pea that disturbs our rest whatever the number of cushions we use to deny our own weakness.


Stirred to action

Sir, I have a friend in England who is a gifted musician. On the Sundays that he was scheduled to play the organ, I was always delighted, because I knew that at the end of Mass, he would let loose! The ancient organ's mechanisms would be put to the test; centuries-old dust would be expelled from the pipes as sacred music filled the air. And as the first few notes of the theme to Star Wars sounded, our hearts stirred and our spirits quickened, and the presence of God filled the church for the second time that morning.