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posted Jan 30, 2019, 8:18 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jan 30, 2019, 8:18 AM ]

Forward Caste Reservation

Sir, The concern shown by the Bishops (Examiner dated Jan 19-25, 2019) regarding the government not including Christians and Muslims of Scheduled Caste Origin as discriminating (against) them in the name of religion, is genuine and needs to be addressed. The country as a whole is poor, with economic power concentrated in the hands of a few. There are plenty of problems with the policy of reservations as it exists today. But the 'common sense' perception is that it is a discretionary policy instrument, which the State can freely distribute to any politically powerful constituency. >>>



Sir, An orthodox monk concluded, "In every age, and above all in this present deeply uneasy, tired and restless age, nothing is more essential than repentance."

In the spring, a movie is set to be released called "Unplanned". It's the story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic Director. It was only when she assisted at an abortion herself that the light dawned on her.

She was also pregnant at the time and was watching the ultrasound monitor that was being used to guide the abortionist. As the implements of abortion were inserted into the womb of the mother, the baby could be seen scrambling away, seeking safe haven... running for its life. But to no avail, it was crushed and suctioned out of the womb. She was horrified, and quit soon after. (She has since become a Catholic and runs a charity that helps abortion workers exit the industry.)


DOCAT- a legacy of WYD 2019

Sir, DOCAT is an acronym for "DO Catholic Action Teaching". It tackles touch questions on issues like politics, economics, human rights, environment, family and sexual activity. It helps young people to know and live out Catholic Social Teaching in their personal lives.

DOCAT is an inspiring and practical follow-up to the international best-selling YOUCAT (Youth Catechism). Lavishly illustrated, each section is complemented with full-colour images and inspirational quotes from Church Fathers and Councils, including Saints and Popes, past and present, including St Mother Teresa and St John Paul II.


March for Life

Sir, With reference to Dr Hazel Colaso's interesting letter titled '45th US March For Life' in The Examiner dated Jan 26 - Feb 1, 2019, any form of life, but most importantly, human life is sacred and precious, and hence must be lovingly cared for - in times of sickness and times of good health.

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Goa's beauty is diminishing

Sir, Once upon a time, Goa was fascinating and safe. People thronged from all over the world to spend relaxed holidays. The Goans of diverse religions and cultures had a fantastic rapport with one another. Our forefathers shared their vivid memories and experiences with successive generations.


'Click to Pray' app

Sir, Pope Francis launched a new app on Sunday January 20 - "Click to Pray"! It connects Catholics to a global network of the Apostleship of Prayer; which also shares the Pope's Monthly Intentions via Smartphone in six languages.


World Day of the Poor 2019

Sir, A children's party with 15 children will have chaos, and also a lot of fun. Now imagine a children's party with more than ten times that number; seems difficult, doesn't it? But not impossible, as we at St Michael's parish, Mahim experienced on November 18, 2018. For our second World Day of the Poor, we had more than 160 street children attend a function planned especially for them. They arrived dressed in their best; not just attire, but also attitude and behaviour!


Empowering youth

Sir, Sahayini Social Development Society is an NGO of Auxilium Sisters which started in the year 2000 to empower the marginalised children, youth and women through Integral Development and Education.

One of the major activities over the years was promoting functional vocational skills among socially and economically backward school dropouts. Hundreds of youth have been trained in employable skills and have found sustainable jobs with better salaries. Sahayini networks through CSR partners to equip the marginalised youth with the best work and soft skills. In Wadala, we have trained and placed 500 youth in Web Design, ITES, Retail Operations, Beauty and Wellness in the current academic year.