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posted Jan 16, 2019, 7:47 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jan 16, 2019, 7:47 AM ]

BEST Strike

Sir, Seven days have passed. The BEST strike has put the common man to much inconvenience, and there seems to be a deadlock. There is obviously a conflict between the BMC and the BEST staff, some of who have retired since many years and have still not received the full and final settlement of their dues, along with those who are still waiting for their demands to be met.

The BMC is keen on privatising BEST transport, giving the reason as paucity of funds. Though many citizens have raised strong objections to privatization, and have also given concrete and practical solutions as to how the BEST could rise out of the financial crunch, yet the BMC is being very rigid and privatization seems to be the only option; this strike must have consolidated their belief. If the strike continues, then the common man will also accept the BMC's way of thinking.


Epiphany - manifestation of God's Love for man

Sir, 'The Light of Universal Revelation' – The Editorial in The Examiner dated Jan. 5, 2019 was truly enlightening, explaining the message of the Epiphany. Fr Charanghat rightly states Epiphany celebrates God's generous and varied revelations among the peoples of the world.

The day all civil strife comes to an end, the day all nations stop warfare with each other, we can say they have seen the Star of Bethlehem as the three wise men did. And we can say they have seen the revelation of God's Love—that will be their Epiphany!


US Congress is 1/3 Catholic

Sir, The 116th U.S. Congress at its January 3, 2019 session brought in almost 100 new lawmakers into office, with Catholics making up nearly 30% of the freshman class – 28 of the 96 new members of Congress. In total, there are 163 Catholics sitting in either the Senate or House of Representatives, although Catholics are just 20% of the population!

Among the new members in the House of Reps is Pete Stauber, Republican who represents Minnesota's 8th Congressional District. Stauber is a former professional hockey player, police officer, city councilman, and a married father of four, who campaigned as a 'defender of life'! "Human life starts from conception until natural death. I have always been a firm and constant voice for the right to life!"


The film fraternity loses a legendary actor

Sir, With the passing away of Kader Khan, Bollywood lost a very senior, experienced and legendary actor and artiste par excellence. We all immensely enjoyed watching all his films— be it character, comedy or intense roles. >>>