06 Being Formed - Bp Barthol Barretto

posted Jan 16, 2019, 8:11 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jan 16, 2019, 8:12 AM ]
The candidate for the priesthood goes through a journey 
where he is moulded and formed into a priest. 

A vocation to the priesthood is a desire planted by God in the heart of man. It is a seed that grows slowly and steadily, nurtured by the prayers, blessings and discernment of the person concerned and those around him.

Today, the big question that often intrigues a lot of minds is—why become a Catholic Priest? I had once put this question to a young lad who desired to join the seminary, and he said: "God's mercy is so infinite, and we can experience this mercy through the Sacraments, and I want to be a little instrument to bring that mercy of God closer to His people. It also means to do something for a world where God is being ignored."

In this world of fast-paced technology, secularism, materialism and where God appears to be reduced to nothing, it is indeed a challenging environment to foster priestly vocations, even from an 'interior' perspective. And it is the sole duty of the Church to guard and foster vocations, as Pope Francis once said:

"God never ceases to call some to follow and serve Him in the ordained ministry. We too, however, must do our part... which is the response of man, of the Church to God's gift, that gift that God gives through vocations. It means guarding and fostering vocations, that they may bear ripe fruit. They are 'diamonds in the rough' ready to be carefully polished with respect for the conscience of the candidates and with patience, so that they may shine among the People of God." (Address to the Plenary of the Congregation for Clergy, Clementine HaIl, October 3, 2014)