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posted Jan 9, 2019, 8:15 AM by Neil D'Souza   [ updated Jan 9, 2019, 8:16 AM ]

Wounded Hearts

Sir, I’ve noticed that there are lots of men with beards these days, but few of them are philosophers.

It’s an unusual epoch. On the one hand, technological marvels are rolled out thick and fast, whilst self- knowledge and the search for true meaning and purpose in life seems to be regarded as trivial, or at best, a relic of a darkened age.

Padre Pio gave this advice to a family with young children: “Take care, not so much of their scientific as of their moral education... As you educate their minds with good studies, assure the education of their hearts, along with that of our holy religion; one without the other causes a mortal wound to the human heart.”

This would certainly seem to sum up the current situation in many nations, reflected in their choice of leaders, whose behaviour or attitude mirrors their own. Can any one identify even one good world leader in our day? A real leader looks at the role as sacrificial; it is to love and care more for those you serve than for yourself. That is the depth of character which enables one to die for his people.


New Year's Resolutions

Sir, The year is young, only a week old. Most of us have made resolutions ranging from staying fit, eating healthy, managing our finances better, spending more time with family and friends. But when it comes to spiritual resolutions, many of us fumble. For those eager to grow spiritually, how about setting holiness as a goal? This means spending time with the Son (before the Blessed Sacrament), praying with the family, participating in the Eucharist more than once a week, praying daily for our Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Nuns, Parish Priest and his team. >>>


On Business Ethics

Sir, The Archdiocesan Office for Environment and Christian Business Forum Mumbai, held a seminar on ‘Greening and Business’ at Sarvodaya auditorium, Goregaon East, on December 1, 2018. Christian Business Forum head, Albert W. D’Souza presented the keynote address.

On November 22, 2018, Pope Francis had spoken via video conference to the 26th World Congress of the International Christian Union of Business Executives, at the Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal, on the theme: ‘Business as a Noble Vocation’. Here are some brief excerpts:

"From its origin some eight decades ago, your federation has sought to translate into economic and financial terms, the three principles and guidelines of Christian Social Doctrine:

1. Centrality of Individual Persons: When a business becomes a ‘family’, labourers become ‘a source of enrichment’ such that their dignity is respected and not simply exploited.


Ensure unbiased journalism

Sir, With reference to Sr Joeyanna D'Souza's article titled ‘Journalism for Peace’ in The Examiner dated Dec. 8, 2018, biased journalism is partial journalism, and does not help journalists to pursue the truth and take an independent stand on various issues.

Despite the fact that journalism and politics are two different sides of the same coin, they must be kept separate, as journalists and publications must not serve as appendages of political parties and politicians in order to remain unbiased while informing, educating and entertaining people.


That all may be one

Sir, The message of the editorial page and ‘the Inter-Religious celebration of Christmas’ (Jan. 5-11) brings home to us the need to make efforts to work together in order to bring about national and universal unity through a fresh understanding of all religions, more and more, in and through meaningful and unifying dialogues and living in harmony. It is a very urgent and daily need of the hour. God is the god of the Universe. It is this face of God who is ‘Spirit and truth’ ( Jn 4:24) all are called to worship. >>>